It is highly unlikely for you not to know the benefits of CBD. It is very beneficial for health and is used for several different medical treatments. It is used to cure anxiety and depression in several patients. There are several kinds of disposable CBD vape pen in the market. These are of different types and kinds. 

Battery and cartridge vape pen

Different disposable vape pens come with different batteries and cartridges. They are important for you to check out when buying a disposable vape pen. This is because some batteries are larger or smaller in size than others. 

As per your convenience, you may choose whichever battery size fits your requirements. Secondly, the cartridges come with different CBD components. Some have a high level of THC others might come with lower levels of CBD. As per your convenience, you are free to choose whichever kind of liquid or the size of the cartridge you might like. 

Handheld vaporizers

There is another option available, which is the handheld vaporizer. It can be used with either the CBD flower or the different concentration levels of any liquid you may want. This uses conduction or convection for vaporizing the substance. They are very versatile and can be used to smoke the CBD flower or the liquid CBD. However, they are less easy to travel with since they are less subtle than a disposable CBD vape pen

There are no hard and fast rules in terms of selecting a disposable vape pen. However, one must ensure that they go through all the options before they make their final choice. It is important to thoroughly consider your likes and dislikes before coming to a final conclusion. The best thing about disposable vape pens is that they are easy to travel with, and they are really subtle.