Wood briquettes are becoming increasing popular among people. This is really replacing traditional firewood option. Demand for effective consumer wood briquettes is high for using fireplaces, home heating systems and wood burning stoves. Compared to pellet, these briquettes are sustainable, profitable, and convenient. Instead of going for pellet müük, you must choose to resort to briquettes sales.

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If you use briquetting machines, then you can turn your food waste into efficient renewable energy. Not to mention, you are supposed to get customized solution along with different briquetting systems that have varied capacities. You can even get high capacity lines which can range from 4-500 kg/hour or more.

Mechanical briquetting press is generally built like some eccentric press. There is a rotating eccentric connected to press piston that presses raw material through tapered die where briquette is effectively formed, tapered die is to be connected to some extension die which keep shape briquette. The operation is quite and balanced which is maintained large flywheels.

On average, diameters of briquettes are known to be 90 mm and 75 mm. The briquetting press is to generate high pressure as compared to pellet mill. This high pressure is generated by 270 strokes combined with friction through tapered die. This process is to form some natural glue where no additive is required. Mechanical briquetting press is generally made from varying capacity of 150 kg/h to 3000 kg/h.


It can be known that you have every reason to go for briquettes over choosing pellet müük out there. You can do little research beforehand which will certainly be beneficial for you to say the least. Talking to those individuals who are already using briquettes will be effective and useful for you in this regard. Just ensure to buy quality briquetting machines to get the maximum benefits.