Being a Fortnite player, you need to understand the right strategy for redeeming the vbucks gift card. You can’t redeem it from any other website because it can only be redeemed by using the official website of Fortnite. You can also use it from the application because it is compatible with different sources. For example, if you have a console, then you can’t use v-buck gifts directly because you either need an application or an official website. 

Create an epic account:

You have to create an epic account that will help you log in here to redeem v-bucks’ cards. If there is any non-PC device, you won’t be able to download or use them because you need to link it with your account. When you sign in here, a player needs to start writing the code for redeeming gift cards. 

Where is the code?

When you get a v-buck gifting card, then on the backside of the card, you will see the code which is used for redeeming purposes. By scratching it, you will get a rough strip that will be opened in a panel. For revealing the gift card, just write the code and press enter on it. When you do all the procedures correctly,, you can use a checkmark here. 

Choose the right gaming system:

If you own a gaming system, then you can download Fortnite for playing Fortnite games Nintendo switch for using the gift card. It is only applicable for a specific gaming system because you can’t use it on any other device further. You can also play them on your mobile operating device via iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. If you have listed your contact number, then you will get a notification about redeeming the gift card. After redeeming, you are all set for using these cards further for playing Fortnite.