The Lipumastid or post is placed on a steel plate with holes for anchor bolts, whose function is to give support and strength to a concrete pedestal where it is commonly fixed. The parts that involve the steel structure are presented below.


Cover that contains the holes for the pulleys, its primary exercise is to raise and lower the flag from the halyard.


Thread, rope or cable that is used to raise the flag to the truck, the origin of the Halyard concept, is the sentence to carry meters.


Decorative object that is placed on the tip of the pole or pole, the design can vary but the most common is the ball or sphere made of silver, gold or any metal with which the pole is made.


Offensive weapon made by metal crest that leaves it sharp, currently used as poles for the transfer of flags. Moharra is the name given to the tip of the spear, which includes the blade and the hub.


Metal ferrule made of steel, its function is to support and protect the edges of the structure.


Piece that is fixed to the ground, it is the one that gives strength to the suspension of the flag.


Steel, metal or aluminum pole made in one piece serves as a support for the flag on which it slides when lowering or raising it.


It is made of wooden or steel support, where the flag sits with its pole or mast.

In the end

Each part of the structure of the flagpole is important since each one has a primary function, especially due to the height and weight it supports when the flag is up, although the flag is not heavy but when it is at height and with the wind, it generates force for movements. The installation of a flagpole must be done professionally.