Resurge have designed the most comprehensive weight loss programs, providing you with the right tools and plan to attain your weight loss goals. Our program includes the following:

Our specially formulated weight loss stimulator that increases your body’s thermogenesis and metabolism levels, helps you manage your blood sugar levels to decrease cravings and keep insulin levels more stable, gently curbs your appetite, and reduces excess water weight. Take one or two in the morning to gain energy. (I take one with one Accelerate Anytime – see below – to gently energize me and keep my body’s fat-burning at a TOTAL INCINERATION mode).

This formulation is designed to be taken before lunch and dinner (or anytime). It’s weight loss ingredients are targeted to get your fat-burning going and then nudge it into high gear! Important ingredients like GLA keep fat burning while other ingredients curb your appetite and keep the metabolism stoked without stimulants.

CLA can help your body reduce fat while increasing lean muscle mass! That’s right, you can add muscle without exercise. And, perhaps most encouraging, much of the weight loss you experience with CLA supplementation comes from the abdomen. (I’m not sure about you but my biggest challenge is maintaining a lean, firm, sexy abdomen!) Over 500 studies have been performed on this relative newcomer to the weight loss battle! Research compiled in 2002 that coupled CLA with guarana (a prime ingredient in Accelerate AM) revealed a reduction of adipocytes – or fat cells. CLA alone can prevent small fat cells from growing larger and may reduce the size of larger fat cells. With this new research, we may now be able to reduce fat cells previously only possible with liposuction! CLA is quickly proving itself to be a weight loss wonder.

The final leg or the program targets the 7 – 8 hours we sleep. Accelerate Overnight has two ways to promote weight loss success. First, we have carefully blended a number of specific amino acids with anterior pituitary extract to offer you a powerful Human Growth Hormone (Hgh) precursor! This focused blend stimulates Hgh production while you sleep. Why does this help weight loss? In a study conducted by Dr. Terry M.D., PhD., Chancellor and Professor of Neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, a study of 900 men and women between the ages of 39 and 71, 72% reported a loss of body fat after 191 days of increased Hgh levels.

Accelerate Overnight also has Colostrum. New Zealand bovine colostrums had been researched to be nearly identical with the colostrums produced by new mothers for their infants during the first 24 – 48 hours before breast milk comes in. In many studies, colostrums have shown significant immune support, increases special Growth Factors (IGFs) which work synergetically with Hgh, stimulates fat utilization for fuel, facilitates tissue repair, and optimizes cellular reproduction.

Pick the Accelerate Program that’s right for you.

The Ultimate Ephedra-Free Morning Formulation! Our research allows us to bring to you a truly unique, totally effective formula to increase your metabolism, control your blood sugar, and burn fat! We have included Green Tea and Calcium Pyruvate for fat burning, Banaba, Chromium, and Gymnema Sylvestre to control blood sugar, and Guarana, Theobromine, and Yerba Mate to increase metabolism and provide energy. Garcinia Cambogia (50% HCA) helps to control your appetite and help your body avoid converting excess calories into fat. There is much, much more please read our ingredients list.

Please note that we recommend using Accelerate AM only in the morning hours as it does contain stimulants. For fat burning during the remainder of the day, take Accelerate Anytime.

The most comprehensive fat burner available without harsh stimulants! These fat burning capsules have been developed to provide help during the day without the caffeine or other stimulants that could interfere with sleep. Take before lunch and dinner to further enhance your body’s ability to burn fat. Chromium and Gymnema Sylvestre help control blood sugar levels to reduce the overproduction of Insulin. Phenylalanine and Tyrosine may help keep you alert without stimulants. GLA and CLA essential fatty acids keep your hormones properly balanced and the other ingredients are directed at helping the body burn fat and shed excess water weight.

Take one or two capsules before lunch and dinner.

Recent research from Cognis Corporation studied the effects of giving CLA to moderately overweight adults for a year. Study findings showed a nine percent decrease in body fat and a two percent increase in lean muscle! This is just one more study in a series supporting the addition of CLA to the diet to fight fat. Another attribute of CLA may be that it can help prevent certain cancers such as breast and colon cancer. With all this going for it, this is one supplement to add to your diet today!

When picking a CLA product, pick patented Tonalin™ CLA to be sure you are getting all the benefits of CLA.

Take one capsule upon rising with Accelerate AM and one with each meal.

 Lose weight while you sleep! Our amino acid blend stimulates the production of the Human Growth Hormone (Hgh). Studies show that increasing Hgh can increase muscle mass, reduce fat, increase skin thickness, improve sleep! We have also added Colostrum which research indicates will help preserve muscle mass and strengthen our immune systems.

Take 2 immediately before retiring for the evening on an empty stomach. You may improve your results by taking a third first thing upon rising!