The main motive that every person has while making a website for themselves is to bring traffic to their website. The more is the number of traffic, the more successful will be the business of the website. Due to this, the businesses keep on searching for new ways to increase their website traffic.

One of the best ways they use is taking the help of Google Analytics. There are many ways through which Analytics can help you increase your traffic. You can learn these ways through the course of Google. Some of the ways are discussed below.

Analyzing the bounce-back rate 

Whenever a website establishes itself, then people visit their website. If they like the content, they will engage, but they will bounce back if they don’t like it. These bounce back of the customer can be due to other reasons also. All you need to do is check the analytics report that why these customers have bounced back and check correct that aspect in your website.

Identify the content everyone likes

Analytics reports will tell you precisely the type of content with which the audience is engaging and seeding most of the time. When a website produces more and more content like that, more people will come to their website. It will help in increasing the ranking and also the conversion rate of the website.

Help you optimize your website

According to Google’s new rules, the website that is not optimized according to the mobile will have a low ranking. Due to this, the customer will flow less to your website as most of them are using the mobile. The analytics will help you know the reasons for correcting which you can optimize your website and increase your traffic.

You will get to know more tips from the course, and you have to pass a test for completing that course and getting a certificate. To practice better for the test’s latest questions in the test, along with the google analytics for beginners assessment 3 answers are readily available online.