For anyone who wishes to live by mountains and breathe fresh air with less crowd and disturbance, Andorra is the place. It is also famous for its cycling roads and mountain biking. This being the reason, many international sports stars have chosen to move and settle in the country. With attractive natural landform and healthy vegetation, it is a land of peace.

Reasons to live here.

  • It is safe: It has been claimed to be the safest place in the world by the locals. It is not just the people but also the research statistics numbers that say the same. According to the criminal data update in August 2020, the country’s crime index is 13.33, while the safety index is 86.67.
  • The pollution status is 34.14, which is very low as compared to the common global pollution rate.
  • Low tax: The government charges only 10 percent on income for normal residents and companies. The VAT is 4.5 percent.
  • Outdoor activities: It is a very fitting place for anyone who is all about adrenaline, adventure, and organic fitness. Whether it is hiking the mountains, skiing and snowmobile riding down the slopes in winter, or rafting and diving in the rivers and lakes, the country has a remarkable array of recreational choices.

Location, language, and currency

  • It is located in the high mountain of the Pyrenees between France and Spain.
  • The language is Catalan. It is both the historical and traditional language of the place.
  • The currency is Euro.

Do proper research

Thoroughly researching the in and out of the country is advised before moving in. While the absence of air and rail transport might be a deal-breaker for most people, the reputed health care can be a genuine reason for encouragement to vivir en andorra.