In earlier days, tipping at the restaurant was straight forward. The process was simple has 20% of your bill was added as a tip, But now due to pandemics, there are only two options to enjoy outside food Either to take away or order food at your doorstep from food delivery apps. This procedure has made tipping very complicated. Have you ever paid a tip on take-out or delivery? How do you get sure that workers in the restaurant are safe and feel valued?

The delivery services that take cash drivers work hard to provide us luxury service at our doorsteps, so we don’t need to get outside our homes. Therefore we have to provide the utmost respect by following some etiquettes commands of delivery and take out

  • Wear a mask at the door

Today it is essential to wear a mask for our as well as other safety. It is a better option to leave contactless drop-off and ask your delivery person to keep the food in your mailbox so dad they don’t have to get outside of their car. Pay in advance or over the phone for a contact experience.

  • Tip properly

It is advisable to tip properly depending on the cost of your order. Make sure that you pay at least 15-20% of your order as a tip to the delivery driver who had risked their lives to provide you safe delivery.

  • Skip ordering from apps and directly call a restaurant

It is true that using these apps is the most convenient option, but these apps charge unnecessary Rates for operators. Therefore if possible, try to order directly from a restaurant rather than using apps.

  • Tip for curb side pickup

When someone is going outside and risking their lives to bring you food, you have to pay them the right tip. Your small amount can make a big difference in their lives as what is small to you is essential for them to earn their livings.