An adequate scooter has a footboard 35cm inches long. This length is sufficient to place one entire foot during the ride and offers enough space to switch feet. A more extended footboard will affect its agility, while a shorter one would make it uncomfortable during changing feet. Also, you should verify that the footboard has an anti-slip surface for better grip and safer ride.

Similarly, the height of the footboard from the ground should also be conveniently high to have a hassle-free ride in bumpy paths and uneven ground. The base of the footboard should be abrasion-resistant and durable, made of a non-corrosive material.

Quality Tricycle Scooters Meet These Safety Features 

  • Safety reflective elements are a must for all kolmerattaline tõukeratas for visibility.
  • Widened handle bar ends are essential to prevent hand injuries.
  • Wheels with reflectors and a better shock-absorption ratio.

The child’s safety is essential, and for this, you should pick the scooter that follows maximum safety features. Also, you should ensure that the tricycle scooter has no sharp edges or harmful parts before you hand it over to kids for riding. And it is vital to wear safety gear like a helmet, knee guard, and more.

Better Tricycle Experience Comes From Bearings Of The Scooter

People think that the scooter’s height is all that they need to match for better scootering, but professionals say that it is about the bearing of the kolmerattaline tõukeratas  that makes it more fun and love. For light and gliding scootering, you must buy a scooter with premium-quality bearings that do not make the wheels wobble.

On the other hand, the scooter’s height is always adjustable if the handlebars are adjustable, or you would have already picked the scooter that has the handle within the kid’s reach. Hence, it would be wise to take note of the scooter length before buying one and comparing it to an ideal scooter.