With the onset of the digital age, texting has become the new form of phone communication. Two people can easily have a two, three-day conversation purely by text. We are constantly on the go and looking for an instant response for everything in our lives. The same applies with our relationships and someone we are interested in.

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There’s a certain way to say hello. There’s a certain protocol on how to ask someone on a date. And a smiley face can be both reassuring and ambiguous. But just like people can fall in love via the Internet, they can fall in love via text.

So if you’re looking for help in the romance department of texting, take a look at some of our tips below!

Tip # 1: Be polite

I know this seems like common sense but a simple, sweet message will always brighten the object of your affection’s day. Guys, send your lady love a “Good Morning” love text or tell her how beautiful she looks today.

Ladies, remember that guys are simple creatures. Sure, it’s cute to be coy and play hard to get. But sometimes you just have to go after what you want. Tell him you were thinking of him today. If he’s stressing out over a big work project or is feeling under the weather, text him a positive message, (i.e. ‘You got this,’ ‘I believe in you.’ ‘I feel bad that you’re sick. Want me to bring some soup?’)

Of course, texting them too frequently also sends a bad message. If for every text they send back, you’re sending back five, that’s a problem. If they don’t respond after the fifteenth text you sent—in just that hour alone—then that probably means they’re not that into you. Don’t overdo it.

Think of a text as a temporary reminder that you like them. They’re meant to be simple and sweet. Not full-fledge novels on your burning desire to make them your eternal soul-mate. Romance is supposed to be about showing the person how much you care. But a little goes a long way.

Tip # 2: Don’t be scared to flirt

Yes, being polite is a must. But if you’re too scared to flirt with them, then you’ll quickly be friend zoned. Depending on how comfortable you both are in your friendship / relationship, stick a cute nickname in the text. Any girl or guy who wakes up to a ‘Good morning sweetie,’ or ‘I’m looking forward to seeing you later, hun,’ will find it flattering that you took an extra effort to make them feel special.

Emoticons are great tools to break the ice. A regular smiley face or smiley faces with a wink are usually popular. For example, try putting a after sending a message like this: ‘Looking forward to seeing you later.’ It sends off a mischievous message, like a double meaning. It can leave us wanting more.

Or if you want to show excitement when they text you first: ‘Hey! I was just thinking about you ’ The grinning smiley face indicates that you’re really happy to hear from them.

Or you could try this: ‘I really liked that dress / shirt you wore today. Looked really good on you ’

A frowning face indicates when you’re unhappy about something. So you could use it like this: ‘Man, I wish you didn’t have to leave the party. I really wanted to hang out with you ’

Mind you, it’s definitely a risk to be flirtatious via text. For one, the person you’re into may not feel the same way or may feel uncomfortable. But it helps you figure out if it’s someone even worth pursuing.

Tip # 3: Be courteous of their time

One of my personal pet hates with texting is when you send someone a message and they don’t respond until hours or days later. Just because it isn’t face-to-face communication doesn’t mean you can blow the other person off.

Sure, it happens to the best of us. We get busy. We have other obligations. But if you always take forever and a day to respond to a text, the romance will definitely disappear.

Also, if you’re serious about getting to know a man or woman, don’t start by texting them really late at night. This is for a few reasons.

1) That’s what a phone call is for.

2) Unless you’re super close with the person already, it already sends a sleazy vibe to text someone at two, three in the morning—when they’re most likely asleep.

3) There’s a saying that goes something like this: After midnight, the only things open are bars and legs. So texting someone a message saying something like: ‘Hey, wyd (what are you doing) right now?’ could give the impression that you’re trying to sleep with them. Romance has gone out the window and you could be heading into “Hookup Central.”

Tip # 4: Whatever you do, be consistent

Men and women alike appreciate consistent positive words and actions from the people they like. Romance doesn’t happen through a one-time action. It takes time and finesse. When you send a sweet ‘Good Morning’ text, you have to do it every day. Sure, we remember certain words people say to us, but for the important people in our lives, we remember more so how they made us feel.

We remember people who take time out of their days to talk to us every day. People who care about our wellbeing or try to make us smile. That’s when romance starts to happen.

Tip # 5: When all else fails, just be honest

At the end of the day, we are more appreciative of someone who is honest and genuine about their feelings. If they’re not reciprocating your messages the way you want them to, just tell them you like them. Side note: You could take the opportunity to call them and set a one-on-one date.