I really believe, that if your business isn’t active on Facebook, that you could be missing out on potential customers and clientele. Instagram’s older sibling has been around for a while and has grown to become the main way in which we research products, brands and services before we buy- it is the modern day word of mouth referral. How To Buy YouTube ViewsThe following of the rules and regulations is required for the purpose. Complete research is done through the people about the brands available at the YouTube channel. The use of the referral is made to increase the benefits of the owner. 

Using social media for business doesn’t have to be complicated with complex schedules and routines to follow- all this will do is cause stress when you should be focusing your energy on the business itself. Instead try to take a light-hearted approach and enjoy what you are posting.

To keep it simple and effective, try experimenting with the following:

Post at least 3 to 5 times a week

Make these a mix of inspirational quotes, activities happening within your business, current specials and team photos. Ensure that there is a healthy variety of posts.

In a perfect world, you would post once or twice a day- but realistically, for a small business this might not be at all possible. If you are dedicated to posting more frequently, great, but an awesome effort to start with would be at least 3 times, with the most effective being 5.

Schedule in your posts on a Monday for the coming week

Every Monday is my planning day. I sit down and schedule in every necessary post for the upcoming week for each one of my clients Facebook accounts. I make sure that I have at least 3-5 planned posts locked in, so that there is room for the spontaneous posts in between. These spontaneous posts could be last minute specials or a flash sale, a special visitor to the store or venue, a photo of the beach on the weekend etc. What ever pops up through the week that you feel like sharing- these are the genuine posts that your followers will love.

If you are unsure how to schedule your post in, see below (this little button is about to become your best friend):

That circle shows the schedule button, hit it when you have completed your post. Here you can enter the date and time in which you want your post to be published.

Once you hit the blue Schedule button, your post will end up in your Activity tab under Scheduled posts. Here you can view, edit or delete planned posts- I always recommend visiting here after entering in all of your posts just to double check there aren’t any double ups or errors.

Try to always post with an image

Posting an image in my experience will get more interactions 99% of the time. In a busy feed breaking it up and standing out with a beautiful or interesting image is the way to go. This will also encourage followers to share your post, which is the best case scenario, as this will result in their friends (or followers) to see your post and your business page.

Whether it is an inspirational quote of some kind, a product, people or scenery- as long as it is consistent with your branding and represents your values you should post it. But before posting, ensure that you own the image, or that it is royalty free to avoid ending up with a deactivated account. For more info on this see Facebook’s legal terms here.

*One exception of the above would be if you are posting an urgent message- such as a change of trading hours or staff illness etc.

Your followers over time will begin to expect you, to look forward to your inspiration or hearing about what is new and happening with your business. Be there consistently with exciting updates and fresh news so that they know that they can depend on you to deliver.

The more consistent you are with your social media activity, the larger and more supportive your following will grow. If you have a few good weeks of being on top of your Facebook posts and then drop off into nowhere the week after, people won’t often wonder where you are, they are more likely to forget and move onto the next thing. It sounds harsh, but while you are still trying to build a large following it can be the way it goes sometimes. This comes back to ensuring that you have scheduled in your posts for the week, fortnight or month- what ever works for you (especially if you are going on a holiday or break).

Ever wonder why you don’t really see everything your friends and liked pages post? This is because only 6% of who you are following is showing up in your feed.

Facebook works in complicated ways, but put in simpler terms those who you interact with are the ones that you are seeing regularly in your feed. So, for you as a business owner how can you reach more people with your page and posts? With paid advertising of course.

You have a heaps of options here, whether it be an add for clicks to your website, an add to promote Likes for your page, or a boosted post so that it shows up in more peoples feed. I am going to be adding a more in-depth post covering the ins and outs of advertising on Facebook, including how to effectively target your audience, so stay tuned!

Depending on your budget, start out small and experiment and what works for you and your business. Try running adds for shorter periods of time, using a range of different images and using creative calls to action as headlines.

Network with other businesses and community pages

Depending on your business and where you are located, there are plenty of community pages out there that will share what you have to offer. Become your page for an hour and spend some time visiting relevant pages and drop a quick post on their wall. Just a friendly hello, nothing spammy- customise your post to suit the business you are networking with and offer a quick insight into who you are and what you do.