There are so many different moods that are the human body is capable of possessing and showing that you need different mediums to convey it to the other person. You must talk to someone so seriously let yourself loose and get things out of your body and system. 

Smartphones have become an easy medium of communication from one person to another, and people have started using images as a way of communicating more than a text message as it was postulated earlier that visual memory sticks to the mind of the individual better than that of a hearing or reading. Many people on Instagram WhatsApp or Facebook uploading sad status images to let the person know that they are going through a rough Patch would never mind if you lent a hand.

What are some of the major advantages of such status?

If you talk about the positives that come out of this kind of activity, the best way to describe is keeping your mental health in check, and you have someone around the corner to talk to you. Sad status images or happy status images are just reflective of your mood, which changes very quickly. Still, if that state of mind stays for a very long period that is a recent site, We’ll stop make sure that it doesn’t happen and you’re able to sort through difficulties and come out of it with flying colours. WhatsApp Instagram and other social media platforms are just a medium of convenience, and if you’re not making the most out of it, then you are the one who’s losing. It is in our hands to make sure things don’t go out of proportion, and you’re able to talk to people you love and would love to know how you were doing through images or texts.