It’s been a few weeks since the launch of Pokémon Go, and it seems like everyone is still playing it. The game has become more popular than ever.

However, while people are still playing the game, many have started to get bored with it. This is because they don’t understand how to play it correctly. They just want to catch as many Pokémon as possible without having to walk anywhere or do anything else.

That’s why I’m here to tell you what you need to know about Pokémon Go in order to be able to actually enjoy it properly.

What Is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality (AR) mobile app that was released by Niantic Inc. on July 5th 2016. It uses GPS-based location tracking to find Pokémon in real locations around the world, and then makes them available for players to collect and battle using their phones.

There are currently over 700 different species of Pokémon available. You can use your phone’s camera to view a Pokémon when it’s close enough, which also works if you don’t have your phone in front of you. If there’s a Pokémon nearby, you’ll see its image appear over the viewfinder.

You can only capture one Pokémon at a time, but multiple Pokémon can be viewed at once. Your goal is to capture as much of the Pokémon population as you can, so you can take part in competitive battles and tournaments. There are two types of battles: regular and gym matches.

Regular battles take place between Pokémon trainers battling against other trainers who are also competing to obtain the most Pokémon. Gym matches involve fighting members from rival gyms. In this case, you must defeat all of the Gym leaders within their respective gyms before moving onto the next one. Once you beat each gym leader, you’ll gain access to the Gym Leader’s room, where you can interact with your new opponents and challenge them.

This way, you’ll learn more about the gym leaders and their Pokémon, and you might even be able to recruit some of their Pokémon into your team.

Once you’ve gained access to a gym, you’ll be able to enter it and challenge any gym leader you choose to fight. Once you defeat them, you’ll receive items that will help you in your quest for greatness as well as experience points. Every time you earn experience points, you level up, and you will eventually reach the top tier of the game and unlock the Elite Four.

These four gyms are the hardest ones to defeat, and you’ll need to level up very fast in order to face them. Once you’ve defeated them, you’ll gain access to the National Dex, which contains every single type of Pokémon that exists in the entire game. When you get to the National Dex, you’ll finally be able to participate in tournaments and challenges.

In addition to collecting Pokémon, you can also collect and train Pokémon Eggs. There are certain areas in the game where you’ll find eggs, and you’ll need to use the lures found in those areas in order to hatch the eggs. After hatching the eggs, you’ll be able to raise the Pokémon inside them.

While playing the game, you’ll occasionally encounter wild Pokémon in various places while walking, driving, riding transit, or otherwise engaging in activities. These Pokémon aren’t hard to find, but they won’t follow you unless you attract them first. To attract Pokémon to you, hold your finger down on the screen until you hear the chirping sound, and then move your finger around to make your Pokémon appear over the viewfinder.

When a Pokémon appears, select it with your touchscreen and throw a Poke Ball at it. If you manage to hit the ball with it, you’ll successfully catch the Pokémon. If not, you’ll have to try again later.

After catching a Pokémon, you’ll be able to name it. You can give it a nickname and move it to your party of three Pokémon if you wish to.

To add a Pokémon to your party, tap on the Poké Ball icon at the bottom right of your screen. Tap on the Pokémon you want to add, and then tap “Add!”.

With three Pokémon in your party, you can explore the map and go to different places to find and catch Pokémon. While walking through the real world, you’ll notice that your phone will vibrate slightly whenever you’re near a Pokémon. You’ll need to wait until your Pokémon shows up on your phone’s viewfinder before throwing your Poké Ball at it.

If you throw the ball with the wrong aim, you might miss, or worse, you might hit an innocent bystander instead. This isn’t really a problem, though, because you can always try again later.

How Do You Play Pokémon Go?

Before you start playing Pokémon Go, you’ll need to sign up for a Google account or create a Facebook account. Both allow you to log in to the game, which will enable you to keep track of your progress and connect with other players through social media.

Next, download the official, free version of the game from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and install it. Then, open the app and sign in with either your Google account or your Facebook account. After signing in, you’ll be ready to begin playing Pokémon Go!

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Where Can You Find Pokémon?

The easiest way to find Pokémon is to search for Gyms. Gyms are located throughout the world, and they serve as the main battlegrounds for Pokémon trainers. Each gym has a specific number, and you need to defeat the gym leaders in order to gain access to the gym itself. You’ll also need to defeat a Pokémon Trainer in the gym in order to earn experience points.

Gyms are often located near landmarks such as parks, museums, universities, historic buildings, etc. As long as you have the GPS turned on, you should be able to find one fairly quickly, although finding them may take longer if you live in an area with limited infrastructure. You can easily locate these on your own as well, but if you want to save yourself the trouble, you can check the map in the game to see what gyms are located near you.

Another way to find Pokémon is to look out for them in the wild. Whenever a player is engaged in an activity that causes him or her to move around, he or she will be likely to encounter a wild Pokémon. When you encounter a Pokémon, you’ll see its silhouette. You can throw a Poke Ball and attempt to catch it.

How Long Will It Take?

As mentioned earlier, it takes a good amount of practice to become proficient enough at capturing Pokémon to complete the game. Even after you’ve caught your first Pokémon, you’ll probably have to spend a while trying to figure out the best way to catch it. Some players have reported taking months to finish the game, while others have managed to complete it in less than a week.

However, once you get the hang of the game, you’ll be able to find and catch Pokémon pretty easily. A lot of players say that they find Pokémon every time they go outside, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting used to the game.

Is It Worth It?

Some people think that Pokémon Go is a waste of time. However, I disagree. There’s something special about being out in nature and seeing the things around you change with the changing of the seasons.

I think that Pokémon Go is one of the coolest games today. It allows you to explore the real world in a completely new way, and it gives you the chance to connect with friends and family from across the globe.

I think that it’s important for us to remember that we’re all connected, whether we realize it or not. We all share the same planet, regardless of our differences. The more we understand the world around us, the better life will be for all of us.