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The Reason Why Thanos Is Taller In The Movies

Even though Thanos only appeared on 2 movies, Thanos has quickly became one of the most iconic villains in recent superhero film history. His popularity leads to many questions, such as his motivation, powers, and surprisingly, his height.

Even though Marvel’s official website states that the height of Thanos is 6-7 feet, a Marvel Thanos Sixth Scale Figure released by Hot Toys is 41.5 centimeters tall. 

By computing the height on this 6th scale action figure, MCU Thanos is taller than his comic book equivalent at 8 feet and 2 inches.

Comparison to other Marvel MCU characters

Thanos quotes dwarfs most of the Marvel MCU heroes, with Captain America and Thor being the closest contenders. Despite that, they are still dwarfed by Thanos, at just 6’1 and 6’3 respectively.

The height of comic version Thanos

Comic book Thanos is listed by The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe’s Book of the Dead And Inactive II with a height of 6’7. He is taller than other tall characters in the comics version, such as Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, and Starfox. However, Thanos is smaller to a transformed Hulk, which is listed to a height of about 7’.

Why MCU Thanos is taller than comic book Thanos?

One of the main reasons for this change is the conversion to the big screen is for even more audience impact. Aside from having immense powers able to eradicate the human population with a flick of his fingers, one way to increase the intimidation factor of a villain is to make them bigger, literally. When you see this villain towering over the Marvel MCUs, which are quite tall themselves, the audience will instantly know that this villain is the real deal. And with the wonderful reception on MCU Thanos, we can say that this worked well. 

Understand The Common Factors Of Reoccurrence With Quitting Of Marijuana

Wish to give up smoking marijuana permanently? Are you tired of having no vigor or gumption because you smoke weed? You might have wanted to stop as well as tried in the past, regrettably, you often seem to wind up getting stoned again. Duration of time sober does not seem to matter or what your good objectives were. Relapse is actually a typical event with people trying to stop smoking marijuana, however there are means you could avoid this from taking place if you use the ideal program. You actually could quit abusing this controlled substance. Regressions happen for lots of reasons, plus certain circumstances, as well as you have the choice to decrease the risks by comprehending the typical factors that might trigger a starting to smoke weed again.

On the occasion that you want to stop smoking marijuana, most likely the most essential element is that you really intend to live a life without the use of this drug. You must take time simply because of how you feel, not to make somebody else happy or other factor. If you are not all set, and also you attempt to stop smoking marijuana for the wrong reasons, a relapse is nearly assured. Eliminating your marijuana usage can be extremely difficult just as a result of cravings and also withdrawal symptoms that could occur, but you could do it by utilizing the appropriate attitude, and even the best resolution and also mindset.

An additional common trigger relapse would certainly be the pals you select. Before you decide to stop smoking marijuana, your circle of good friends had been all most probably pot lovers, currently when you want to get clear, the very same circle of influence could trigger you to definitely relapse. To eliminate this possibility, you have to find peers that do not smoke weed, so you do not affect relapse. Then begin taking some time to finally give up smoking marijuana. Tension is another usual element that triggers one to relapse, so you should take steps to decrease your stress and anxiety as high as feasible. Along with the quitting, the common factors about the reoccurrence of addiction for marijuana should be considered. Kratom from USA should be taken through injection to get the desired results. The depression and anxiety can leave behind some risks and dangers. The gathering of the information is crucial for the consumers. 

Generally speaking, individuals do not recognize the harmful power of drug dependency and specifically MDD Marijuana Dependency Disorder. These and also various other controlled compounds are accountable for the harming of millions of individuals in the United States each year. Even if it does not directly kill a person at the time of use, drug dependency attacks and also slowly damages the physical as well as psychological well being of a person which ultimately makes a person isolate and also be marginalized from loved ones. When left unattended and also without treatment, drug abuse can make an individual do points that are incomprehensible for a typical as well as civilized person. Drug addiction can now healed by different approaches and specifically effectively with a dedicated in-patient drug rehabilitation program.

Because of the high occurrence of drug-related offenses, many drug rehab facilities have actually just recently emerged with the aim of offering a way of rehabilitation and recovery. Although there are many inpatient drug rehabilitation focuses to pick from, recognizing what to search for makes a huge distinction between success and also failure. When seeking an option to your issues with material dependence, it is extremely important to consider the variables that make an outstanding addiction treatment center.

First, you should make sure that the clinical center complies with all the norms of the worldwide medical area setting. You could freely ask to see existing accreditations that will certainly verify that the center is healthy and safe to perform their responsibilities. All health care professionals ought to additionally have their very own medical qualifications in order to be able to do various clinical treatments. Substance reliance is an extremely complicated condition that ought to only be taken care of by trained as well as seasoned individuals. You had better look for another if a provided facility could not give the needed documents to verify their legitimacy.

The complete price of the program is likewise an important point to consider. As compared to an outpatient program, housing is more expensive in rehabilitation compared to remaining at home as you have to spend for additional food as well as accommodations charges. While it could be low-cost it does not always have to be much less reliable, or because it is expensive and also isn’t a guarantee of success either. You need to evaluate the price compared to the quality of the solutions that a certain facility could give. In some cases, it pays to spend a little extra if you get to delight in much better facilities and also greater service levels.

Basic social media Tips

I thought I would add some social media info as the topic of my first proper post.

As you know, social media has become a behemoth in the world of social media websites so it’s a good place to start as leveraging the traffic from that site to benefit your own can be a great way to increase traffic and therefore sales.

Some friends I know struggle with maximising the benefits social media brings as far as Internet Marketing is concerned but get it right and it can pay big dividends. The most successful techniques I employ to make money online usually stem from those that unfortunately take time and effort. You only get out of this world what you put in and all that!

The problem is that these people are taking social media very lightly and they don’t understand the power it commands in the current times and are always engaged on platforms like for getting more subscribers and views on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube so this problem has to be dealt with.

I find that by going slow and looking like a natural user of any website is a positive thing. While slow this brings positive results. There are thousands of bots and software that are black or white hat but for long term results I tend to think that they are not as beneficial as doing things slowly in your own time.

Anyway there will be a lot more of that to come, but let’s have a quick look at some social media tips:

  • Always use a custom background and not one of the default options that social media provide. Check my (bright) social media here to see what I mean. This way you are immediately recognisable by others to be a ‘real’ user and not a bot, so are less likely to get followed. Also you look more real to social media themselves if they check your account. Well, you are real!
  • If trying to increase your follow count, don’t follow 500 new users a day, especially if you’re account is quite new. Even though the maximum social media allows is to follow 2000 new people per day, don’t go for anything like this amount or you will likely be flagged. Go for 100 maximum but to look more natural and to not raise suspicions, 50 is best. After about 2 or 3 days, un-follow those that have not reciprocated. Buzzom is a good (and free) tool for this. Make sure though that you are following real users and not robots.
  • Don’t follow celebrities or obvious bot accounts, they won’t follow you back!
  • On your particularly good twits – re-tweet them. Make sure they’re seen.
  • Make sure you engage in conversations with others. This can help you get shout-outs and increased followers if someone does.
  • Set up non-salesy messages to be automatically sent to other users.
  • Of course add your ads but do not add too many each day. I recommend the least is a 1/5 ratio, so that’s 1 ad for every 5 non-ad tweets. Ideally 1/10 is better.

There’s some basic tips for social media. I will be following this up with much more in depth articles and tips along with good money-making techniques to employ with this great website.

Some simple rules and ways to use Facebook for business

I really believe, that if your business isn’t active on Facebook, that you could be missing out on potential customers and clientele. Instagram’s older sibling has been around for a while and has grown to become the main way in which we research products, brands and services before we buy- it is the modern day word of mouth referral. How To Buy YouTube ViewsThe following of the rules and regulations is required for the purpose. Complete research is done through the people about the brands available at the YouTube channel. The use of the referral is made to increase the benefits of the owner. 

Using social media for business doesn’t have to be complicated with complex schedules and routines to follow- all this will do is cause stress when you should be focusing your energy on the business itself. Instead try to take a light-hearted approach and enjoy what you are posting.

To keep it simple and effective, try experimenting with the following:

Post at least 3 to 5 times a week

Make these a mix of inspirational quotes, activities happening within your business, current specials and team photos. Ensure that there is a healthy variety of posts.

In a perfect world, you would post once or twice a day- but realistically, for a small business this might not be at all possible. If you are dedicated to posting more frequently, great, but an awesome effort to start with would be at least 3 times, with the most effective being 5.

Schedule in your posts on a Monday for the coming week

Every Monday is my planning day. I sit down and schedule in every necessary post for the upcoming week for each one of my clients Facebook accounts. I make sure that I have at least 3-5 planned posts locked in, so that there is room for the spontaneous posts in between. These spontaneous posts could be last minute specials or a flash sale, a special visitor to the store or venue, a photo of the beach on the weekend etc. What ever pops up through the week that you feel like sharing- these are the genuine posts that your followers will love.

If you are unsure how to schedule your post in, see below (this little button is about to become your best friend):

That circle shows the schedule button, hit it when you have completed your post. Here you can enter the date and time in which you want your post to be published.

Once you hit the blue Schedule button, your post will end up in your Activity tab under Scheduled posts. Here you can view, edit or delete planned posts- I always recommend visiting here after entering in all of your posts just to double check there aren’t any double ups or errors.

Try to always post with an image

Posting an image in my experience will get more interactions 99% of the time. In a busy feed breaking it up and standing out with a beautiful or interesting image is the way to go. This will also encourage followers to share your post, which is the best case scenario, as this will result in their friends (or followers) to see your post and your business page.

Whether it is an inspirational quote of some kind, a product, people or scenery- as long as it is consistent with your branding and represents your values you should post it. But before posting, ensure that you own the image, or that it is royalty free to avoid ending up with a deactivated account. For more info on this see Facebook’s legal terms here.

*One exception of the above would be if you are posting an urgent message- such as a change of trading hours or staff illness etc.

Your followers over time will begin to expect you, to look forward to your inspiration or hearing about what is new and happening with your business. Be there consistently with exciting updates and fresh news so that they know that they can depend on you to deliver.

The more consistent you are with your social media activity, the larger and more supportive your following will grow. If you have a few good weeks of being on top of your Facebook posts and then drop off into nowhere the week after, people won’t often wonder where you are, they are more likely to forget and move onto the next thing. It sounds harsh, but while you are still trying to build a large following it can be the way it goes sometimes. This comes back to ensuring that you have scheduled in your posts for the week, fortnight or month- what ever works for you (especially if you are going on a holiday or break).

Ever wonder why you don’t really see everything your friends and liked pages post? This is because only 6% of who you are following is showing up in your feed.

Facebook works in complicated ways, but put in simpler terms those who you interact with are the ones that you are seeing regularly in your feed. So, for you as a business owner how can you reach more people with your page and posts? With paid advertising of course.

You have a heaps of options here, whether it be an add for clicks to your website, an add to promote Likes for your page, or a boosted post so that it shows up in more peoples feed. I am going to be adding a more in-depth post covering the ins and outs of advertising on Facebook, including how to effectively target your audience, so stay tuned!

Depending on your budget, start out small and experiment and what works for you and your business. Try running adds for shorter periods of time, using a range of different images and using creative calls to action as headlines.

Network with other businesses and community pages

Depending on your business and where you are located, there are plenty of community pages out there that will share what you have to offer. Become your page for an hour and spend some time visiting relevant pages and drop a quick post on their wall. Just a friendly hello, nothing spammy- customise your post to suit the business you are networking with and offer a quick insight into who you are and what you do.

Using an Electronic Cigarette Review

There is a great deal of talk right now that seems to revolve around electric cigs, and everyone seems to have an opinion and is more than happy to offer up their version of an electronic cigarette review without stopping to consider if they are qualified to offer up an electronic cigarette review. If you are curious about the electric cigs and want to decide if they are something that you could adjust to, you should spend some time doing some research on the electronic cigarette, review what you learn, and decide if they are going to be a good match for you. After you have spent some time learning about the electronic cigarette review, you can use what you have learned and create your electronic cigarette review and help people is a good match for them.

There are several reasons why so many people are currently talking about e-cigs and hunting down an electronic cigarette review. Electronic cigarettes have the potential to change the world. Instead of being made out a paper that is wound around dried tobacco leaves, electronic cigarettes have an outer shell that looks and feel just like the traditional cigarette that you are accustomed to and concealed inside is a battery, a mouthpiece, and an atomizer. When you have read through an electronic cigarette review, you will learn that the battery can be recharged over and over again and that the atomizer, which releases a nicotine rich vapor instead of smoke, can be replaced.

Smokers who are tired of getting dirty looks every time that they light up are intrigued by the idea that they can smoke the electronic cigarette no matter where they are, and not have to listen to snide comments about secondhand smoke. It is not unusual to find an electronic cigarette review that goes on and on about how much money the author of the electronic cigarette review made when they transferred from traditional cigarettes to an electronic model. The electronic cigarettes cost a fraction of the price of a pack of cigarettes.

If you have spent a considerable amount of time reading through information about the e-cigarettes, including any electronic cigarette review that you come across and think that they might be something that you are interested in, you should try them out. In addition to trying them out, you should also plan on composing your electronic cigarette review so that others can read your electronic cigarette review and benefit from your experience. The higher the number of electronic cigarette reviews there are in the world, the more likely it is that people are going to make wise choices when it comes to choosing an electronic cigarette.

Things to Consider When Reading an Electronic Cigarette Review

You must always remember that the reason that you are reading the electronic cigarette review is so that you can gain as much information about electric cigarettes in general and also learn about the subtle differences that set one brand of electric cigarette apart from the competition. You need to learn to quickly identify any electronic cigarette review that was written by a person who has no idea about what they are talking about. You also need to learn to identify and avoid an electronic cigarette review, which was written by people who have never actually used an e-cig but seem to get off on writing a hateful an electronic cigarette review simply because they can. An electronic cigarette review that was written by these types of people is not going to be the least bit helpful.

One of the things you want to look for when you are reading through an electronic cigarette review is that it does not sound biased in the brand’s favor. If you are reading through an electronic cigarette review and the person writing the electronic cigarette review cannot seem to stop going on and on about how wonderful the e-cig is, then you should probably take everything with a grain of salt. While electronic cigarettes are wonderful inventions, they are not perfect; the manufacturers are trying to improve their product. A glowing but false electronic cigarette review is not going to help you form a reliable impression of the e-cigarette.

Where you will be able to Locate a Good Electronic Cigarette Review

One of the best places to find examples of really good electronic cigarette review is the consumer’s report. When an electronic cigarette review is posted here, you know that the person who took the time to write the electronic cigarette review has not only taken the time to use the e-cigs but will have put together an honest electronic cigarette review. The only downside to the consumer’s report is that to read the electronic cigarette review; you are going to have to purchase a subscription. However, the yearly subscription price is very reasonable, and you will also have access to all sorts of other product reviews in addition to the electronic cigarette review.

Another place where you can find an electronic cigarette review that you can peruse is the manufactures website. Many of the places that sell cigarettes will have a webpage set aside where customers can post their electronic cigarette reviews. When you are reading through each electronic cigarette review that is posted on the website, you need to bear in mind that the company is trying to sell their e-cigs so they are going to keep a careful watch out of a bad electronic cigarette review and might not make it as readily available as a good electronic cigarette review.

 Before you decide to purchase an electronic cigarette, review what you have learned about the company’s shipping policies, and the reputation their customer service department has, you only want to deal with a company that the electronic cigarette review routinely mentioned was easy to deal with. The more time you spend reading through the various electronic cigarette review, the happier you are going to be with your final decision. Thus, we can say that Marlboro gold is one of the finest cigarettes that people prefer to have. It is an American company and has been serving people with the finest cigarettes for years. People can buy these online and in the offline market.

New Social Media Sites – How are they beneficial?

How To Use New Social Media Sites

Anyone who spends sufficient time on the Internet knows that Social Media sites have been sprouting all over the internet these past 2-3 years, with new ones being created almost every single day or week. And more & more individuals & businesses are now making use of these sites for a wide variety of purposes, e.g. communicating with friends & loved ones, building relationships, exchanging ideas & opinions, obtaining the most recent news & information & promoting websites or products.

So in order to get some sense out of the hundreds of such sites appearing on the internet, I’ve decided to try & group them into 6 main general categories based on my own understanding of their main functions or objectives. Hopefully this will help you have a better idea of the types of Social Media sites that are out there on the internet right now:

These sites are places where members share & submit news stories or articles, in which other can then place their own votes about such stories or articles. Members can also comment on the stories or articles submitted & these can later give rise to ensuing conversations about what was submitted. Examples of such sites include Digg, Del.Icio.Us, Reddit & StumbleUpon.

As the name suggests, these sites allow you to upload & share your photos with others, as well as share information about those photos. Most of these sites allow you to add specific tags to the photos being uploaded, as well as allow other members to add their comments to the photos. Examples of such sites include Flickr, Photobucket & SnapFish. The use of the new social site can be done for the promotion of the products. Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers? In the beginning, the focus of the people should be on increasing the followers without investment. It will increase the sale and growth of the business. 

Such sites are close cousins to the photo-sharing sites above, the difference being they allow you to upload & share only videos instead.

The main example is of course YouTube, which was acquired by Google a few years ago. Many of these video sharing sites now offer a lot more features than just plain video sharing, such as subscriptions to particular video channels, giving ratings to the videos & allowing members to embed the videos themselves on members’ own websites or blogs. Examples of these sites include YouTube, Veoh, Viddler & Daily Motion.

These sites enable users to save & publicly “bookmark” whatever websites, links or web pages they feel are important enough to be “bookmarked”, & which in turn allow other users to publicly view such bookmarks as well. Besides saving your “bookmarks”, almost all these sites allow you to add tags, annotations or descriptions to your entries as well, & most of them also have pages that show the most popular or recent “bookmarks”. Examples include Digg, Del.Icio.Us, Technorati, Furl & Spurl.

Social Network / Social Networking sites are at present the most popular & fastest growing social media sites right now on the internet, with sites like Facebook & Twitter taking the lead amongst all the other similar sites out there. As the name suggests, such sites allow users to network, connect with other like-minded people & build relationships with one another, both on a personal as well as on a professional level. However, besides the obvious uses mentioned, more & more businesses, companies & entrepreneurs are also using such sites as a means of reaching out to their prospects & customers, establishing their own corporate / business brands, as well as promoting their own websites, products or services to their target audience. Even celebrities & politicians are increasingly using these sites as a way of reaching out to their own loyal base of fans or supporters, the prime example of which was President Obama who made extensive use of both Facebook & Twitter during his presidential campaign. Besides Facebook & Twitter other examples of such sites include LinkedIn & Ning.

Finally, this last group of sites are the ones which in general allow users to provide, publish & share information & knowledge on any topic or area of interest, thus enabling people with a collective area of interest to form their own online communities or groups. Because of the massive amount of information that is published at such sites, many times they also act as an online “encyclopedia” for anyone interested to find out more about a particular subject matter or area of interest. Similar to the Social Network sites mentioned above, more & more businesses & entrepreneurs are using such sites as a way of building their own business or individual brands, as well as a promoting the

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Three Keys to Digestive Health

This week, we again look to the Nutrisystem reviews and the natural world to help us with weight loss. Looking at the body holistically, we can pinpoint three areas in which herbs and food can help us balance our bodies and lose weight–by increasing our metabolism, stimulating our digestion, and regulating our elimination.

The big three for metabolism: Ginseng, Cayenne, and Seaweed.

There are so many energy busters in our culture, from lack of sleep to a reliance on caffeine and sugar to stress and environmental toxins. Often, by the time we get around to exercising or thinking about making a healthy, veggie-filled meal we are wiped out. Ginseng is a great addition to your daily diet. It is an adaptogen, which means that it goes where it is needed in your body to increase energy, and reduce stress–whether that is physical, mental, or both. The result is increased stamina in daily life. Ginseng is safe for most people but it can interfere with certain drugs since it stimulates the central nervous system, so always clear its use with your doctor first.

Another, fairly mild metabolism stimulant is cayenne. It works by raising your internal temperature and helping the body burn calories. Creating a diet that uses cayenne every day–by adding a pinch to soups, dips, eggs, beans, and most dishes can add a boost that is noticeable. Taking cayenne in pill form can also be effective. Along with increasing metabolism, cayenne is great for stimulating elimination and cleansing the intestines.

The third factor to look at in terms of metabolism is the function of the thyroid. When it is sluggish it tends to slow metabolism and it is often a bit sluggish in many people due to stressed adrenals and environmental and food toxins. Adding seaweed to your diet, in the form of supplements or added in soups, made into sushi rolls, or eaten as salads can increase thyroid function. It also is soothing to the endocrine system, high in trace minerals, soothing to the digestive system, and good for hair, skin, and nails. It is high in fiber and filling as well.

Digestive Stimulants: Your ability to digest food well is paramount for regulating eating. The inability to digest well leads to malabsorption of vital nutrients-leaving your body craving vitamins and minerals, craving food even if you don’t need the calories.

Think of your body like an oven that needs to be stoked in order to burn–what stokes that fire? Bitter herbs such as gentian, dandelion, wormwood, white aspen bark, and mugwort all stimulate the digestion by increasing peristalsis and increasing the production of bile in the gallbladder. To regulate digestion, using alfalfa juice or aloe vera juice is wonderful. Both are very toning and contain digestive enzymes. Taking a supplement of pancreatic enzymes also helps alkalinize your digestive system.

Getting Rid of It All: Proper elimination is the third key to weight loss. Most of us don’t eat enough fiber and so our food sits in our intestines and colon for much longer than it should, leaching toxins back into our body. Increasing the fiber in our bodies also helps us feel more full.

Raw or lightly cooked veggies, whole grains, and legumes to your diet is an immediate way to increase fiber. Avoiding juice and drinking water helps. Using bran in baked goods and whole wheat flour and added psyllium husks can really act like sandpaper to your intestines, sweeping out the old and cleaning the pipes. Remember to stay away from artificial laxatives or even very powerful natural ones like senna because they can become habit-forming. The key is to get your body moving on its own and supporting it in this process.

Cigarette filter efficiency

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Know some BPA Facts

Safe Water Bottles knows that there is a lot of information available about BPA. In an effort to simplify our readers’ search, Safe Water Bottles has answered a few of the most frequently asked questions about BPA for you!

Nalgene Water Bottles fall under the category of safe water bottles that you can find and before getting into the BPA discussion, let it be informed that they are completely safe to use and last for a longer period compared to other bottles and their reusability factor is their biggest asset.

BPA is the abbreviation used for bisphenol A, a synthetic chemical compound that was originally discovered in 1891. It is an industrial chemical compound that is used to make a type of plastic called polycarbonate, which is in turn used to make many of the products we use each day such as sports equipment, compact discs and DVDs, eyeglasses, and even infant formula!

Why is BPA harmful to humans?

BPA has been found to have several negative impacts on the reproductive systems of both men and women in lab studies. BPA mimics hormones, especially estrogen, and the effects on animals tested proved to be quite disturbing. Some of the side effects of the exposure to BPA were a delay in puberty and lower body weights compared to animals not exposed to BPA in unsafe levels.

It has also been shown that when some polycarbonates and plastics are heated, either in the dishwasher or in the microwave, BPA can leach out of the material more than 50 times as much as it does normally from plastic containers. This is a concern, because items such as baby bottles are reheated often.

This exposure to BPA has been linked to an increase in the risk of the development of breast cancer, especially when females are exposed to BPA at a young age. BPA has also been shown to decrease the sperm count in lab studies of male animals. There are also articles that suggest that BPA might be instrumental in the development of diabetes, aggressive behavior, heart disease, an in a decrease in the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

How can I avoid exposure to BPA?

It is virtually impossible to avoid BPA entirely, as it is a part of so many of the things we come into contact with every day.

It’s easy! Currently, safe water bottles are available from a number of retailers both online and in your home town. Options such as aluminum water bottles and stainless steel water bottles offer a BPA free storage alternative for you and your family’s drinks!

Aluminum water bottles may seem like a concern, but shouldn’t be. Research has shown that unlined aluminum containers shouldn’t be used as exposure to aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. Aluminum water bottles are extremely lightweight, and are now made with a BPA free liner that makes it reusable, dishwasher safe, and in case the liner is ever damaged, the bottle is also recyclable.

Stainless steel water bottles, while not quite as lightweight as aluminum water bottles, need no liner, and are also a very durable option. Stainless steel water bottles don’t dent or crack easily, and so are the perfect choice for a child’s sports bag, or your own bag for the gym.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services for SME Businesses

Do you have your own business? Do you already have your own business website? Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) is a way of making a website visible on a search engine. If a website has high rankings, it will surely appear on the first page of search results. Search Engine Optimization is also a way of gaining traffic from organic, natural or free listing on search engines. A search engine provides listing of contents, videos or webpage and ranks them on their result page. Examples of search engines are, Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search Engine Optimization consider how the search engine works, what people or audience search for, and the actual keywords or search term that people use when they search on the search engines.

Lots of business owners already doing SEO on their website. Do you want to get beaten by your competitors? If you don’t, you should consider Search Engine Optimization for your business website.

North Social Media provides high class and affordable Search Engine Optimization Services for businesses that can help your business succeed and dominates the search engines.

Competitive Advantage & Targeting

 If you are running a small business, you can use the internet to develop your business. You have the opportunity to be seen by the customers of your competitors and make them yours. Search Engine Optimization allows you to be in front of your target market and audience. Looking to buy Instagram followers is also another method to grow your followers and enhance your presence on social media. This will allow you to grow your market and get attention from your target market.

Website Usability

 Most internet users are very impatient, if they don’t have a good experience on exploring your website they will leave and look for another resource and worse, they might go on your competitor’s website instead. North Social Media crafts proven SEO strategies that focus not only on Search engines but also for User Experiences that can result to a fast ROI and conversions.


 If your website appears on the first page of search engines, users will possibly provide trust on you and respect what search engines provide them as answers to what they are looking for.


 If you have a website and you are not driving enough traffic on your website – it still means nothing. Search Engine Optimization is an effective way to promote your business or website. People are looking and searching for you, show yourself to them!

Long Term Results

 If you are using a traditional way on advertising your products or business like using newspapers, the results won’t last for a long time. SEO can make your website become searchable and visible on search results longer. It is a good idea to have a consistency on your campaign to avoid competitors on beating you and to see more great results. Always remember that you are not the only one that does SEO for their business website and you are not the only one who has a big dream for their business. Get visible now, before it’s too late.

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