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How To Recruit New Avon Representatives ; Increase Your Earnings

Throughout the years, I have given just about every direct sales company in the world a try, having been a representative for Mary Kay, Creative Memories, Avon, 1-800-PARTYSHOP, and Big Yellow Box by Crayola. Out of all the companies I’ve given a try, I have been most successful with Avon, as it seems they sell products that people need on a regular basis and at a price that competes with most drug stores and grocery stores. I’ve made a good deal of money just selling Avon products, but recently I’ve begun recruiting other Avon representatives into my downline, and that is where the money really is. Basically, when you are an Avon representative and you recruit a new person to sell Avon, you will make a percentage of everything that they sell…forever. You are essentially duplicating yourself and making money off the efforts of other representatives. But finding new reps can be a challenge. Here are a few ideas for where you might find people interested in signing up to sell Avon:

1) Post ads or leave business cards on free community bulletin boards at grocery stores and coffee shops. Many of these places have free bulletin boards where you can post an ad or a business card. You can get cheap business cards printed through or print your own on your home computer. Keep an eye out for these free community bulletin boards everywhere you go, and always have something with your contact information in case you find one. You’ll be surprised how many Avon leads these free bulletin boards can provide.

2) Get a cheap classified ad in the local newspaper or Penny Saver. In most communities you can place a classified ad in one of these publications for less than $30, and you can get discounts if you run your ad in multiple issues. Check the Avon representative website for approved advertising copy as there are some regulations you must follow. People often browse the classified section of their newspaper and this can be another great recruiting tool for you.

3) Place recruiting literature in each Avon brochure you hand out. Your current customer base can be your best source of new Avon representatives. You don’t have to be pushy. Avon makes friendly recruiting postcards that you can slip inside each brochure you deliver. That way, if someone is interested in the Avon sales opportunity, they can contact you to get more information.

Recruiting a sizable Avon downline can take some time and effort, but it is well worth it in the end. A successful downline can mean a monthly commission check from Avon for hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars per month. If you are interested in signing up to sell Avon, contact your local Avon sales representative. They can give you all the information you need.

How To Prepare For Your First Court Case

Being a new lawyer can be a little intimidating. How do you prepare mentally for the challenges of your first court case? You don’t know the judge and you have not went against the opposing counsel, so what do you do to make sure you are mentally prepared? To mentally prepare for your first court case you must be confident, make sure you know all the facts of the case, make sure you know all of the applicable law and that you are prepared for any motions that may arise during your case.

Confidence is a large part of winning any court battle. You can gain confidence in your case by knowing your case inside and out. Confidence also gains favor with the judge and jury because it looks like you are in control of the situation and you are working in the best interest of your client.

Knowing the facts of your case is very important. Knowing the facts helps you to identify whether the witnesses are telling the truth when they are on the stand. It also helps you to be prepared with objections if the opposing party attempts to add facts to the case through testimony that are not in evidence. Be prepared with objections you may want to use to keep certain facts out. Also, have responses to objections prepared.

One way of being mentally prepared is to know what laws apply to the case. Just as important as knowing the laws that you are applying to the case, you must anticipate the laws that your opponent may be applying to the case. You must anticipate any arguments they make and have a response prepared in case they do.

Researching case law is your best indicator of what motions the opposing party may make and what arguments they are using against you. Cases that set precedents in your jurisdiction are the best indicators for how your case may play out. If a motion was successful, it is far more likely the opposing party will make that motion during the course of the case.

Have any anticipated motions prepared before you enter the courtroom. Once you make the motion, let the judge know that you have a proposed order for him to sign and that makes the process much easier. Having a proposed order keeps you from running back and forth from the courthouse to get paperwork filed.

Being mentally prepared for court is a large part of winning your case. If the judge and jury feel that you are prepared and doing a good job, the case is far more likely to go your way. If you know your facts, know your law and are prepared with your paperwork you can rest easy. With a little confidence and preparation, you will win your case.

How To Install New Windows

If you have been thinking about improving the value of your home, then you might want to install new windows. This is a job that is made much easier for the average person thanks to windows that are pre-hung, meaning they come already assembled with their frames. Always ask a professional for help if you’re concerned about being able to install new windows.

When you are going to install new windows, you most likely will choose pre-hung windows. There are some general guidelines to follow when installing these kinds of windows, but the directions will vary a little depending on the manufacturer of your particular window. Make sure that you read all of the instructions before you start installing your new windows.

You first need to prepare the opening. Decide where you want the window and mark the location. The easiest way is to drill each corner where the new window will be and insert a long nail through each hole. They will poke through to the exterior of your home and you can use a level to draw lines marking the perimeter. From the outside, you then saw through siding and sheathing. From inside, remove the drywall.

Next you place the window into the opening to ensure the fit. The opening should be just slightly larger than the window – the manufacturer instructions will tell you how much larger. The manufacturer will also recommend water-resistant barriers so install those. Usually this is just inserting strips around the edges of a moisture barrier and using staples and flashing tape to secure it. Spacers should be inserted in the bottom of the opening and attached with 6d nails. They shouldn’t protrude beyond the outside and inside walls. If the opening is not level, you can add shims.

To mount the window go outside. Put the bottom of the window on the spacers and push the top slowly into the opening, making sure it’s centered. Drive nails partially through one or both of the upper corners to hold it in place. Insert shims at the sides near the bottom, top, and midpoint and adjust until the window is vertical and even. Be sure the window is easy to open and secure it with nails into the brick mold or the casing. Flashing and sealant should be applied inside and outside as per the manufacturer.

To finish, go inside and apply molding to the window if you want. Side casings will also work. Wooden windows will need to be painted, but be careful you don’t paint your window shut. side casings and moldings will work for double hung or single hung windows, so you have a wide variety of decorative styles to choose from when you install new windows.Sears Home Improvements offers quality home renovation services including the Install of New Windows, Please visit our Home Improvements website or call us at 1-877-587-1990 for more information today.

How To Get The Best Results From A Brazilian Wax

Waxing has some true advantages over shaving, especially when it comes to razor burn and the possibility of ingrown hair. There are pros and cons to both type of hair removal and what works well for one person may not show the same results for another. I’ve gotten accustomed to the pain that comes with getting a full Brazilian wax but I’ve been getting them for years; if you are considering this form of hair removal there are some thing that you need to know about it before you book an appointment. Likewise, there are things that you can do before and after your appointment to better the results.

If you have friends that get waxed you can ask them about different salons or shops that offer this service. Picking out the person that will be doing the waxing is important too; the person that I see has an outstanding reputation and is often booked for two to three months at a time. In my area the cost of a full Brazilian is in the $70.00 range but could cost more if you need to have a trim first. The usual wax time is about 30 minutes depending on your level of pain; if it is your first time getting a full wax chances are you are not going to be able to book one of the elite waxers as they do tend to work fast and do not coddle clients.

Before you book an appointment you need to know what you are getting yourself in to. There are a couple different variations of a Brazilian wax so you have to know which one you want; a full and complete wax will remove all hair from the front and back genital region. You are going to have to pull your legs up and back to allow the rear section to be waxed. Some people have a problem with this but consider this, your waxer has experience and this is not the first time that they’ve seen people in this kind of a position. Feeling a little shy or embarrassed comes with the territory. If it makes you feel any better or lessens the anxiety just consider this; my waxer told me that about 25% of her clients break wind when they go into the turtle position for the rear portion of the waxing.

You don’t have to get completely naked for your wax but you are going to be bottomless. If your pubic hair is not to a certain length you may have to have it trimmed; some waxers will use electric clippers to remove the hair but some will trim it by hand. If it is your first time they will walk you through the steps of the procedure but just remember to relax. Most of the time I wear headphones and my waxer will tap me on the outside part of my leg when I need to move to another position. Once you have an established relationship with a waxer you will have no problem hopping on the table. There’s no guarantee that you are going to click with the first waxer you go to; you may have to try a couple different salons or technicians.

Pre and post care are two critical things that you need to address; avoid using any kind of perfumed lotion on or near the area that is going to be waxed. It’s a good idea to ask if you need to be trimmed to a certain length before your appointment. Wear loose clothing because there is a good chance that after the wax you are going to have mild to severe discomfort depending on your pain threshold. Don’t wear a thong or skimpy underwear, they could leave a depression in the skin and could make it harder to get to certain areas. Once you have been waxed there are a number of things that you can do to lessen the pain. Ice is what I usually use but some people like to apply a generous layer of aloe but you are going to want to use a fragrance free product.

Once you get into a routine of having a full wax you’ll get accustomed to the pain; that doesn’t mean that it won’t hurt but you will know exactly what is happening from start to finish. Maintenance is the key to getting the most from your wax. Don’t trim or cut areas until your waxer sees the regrowth. They’ll be able to tell you how often you need to come in to keep the ‘front and back porch’ cleared. Not everyone is going to want all their pubic hair removed, you can go with a couple different styles but if book a full wax you are going to leave completely bare down there.

The redness can last a few days so this is not something that you are going to want to have done the day before you leave for vacation, give yourself about three days to heal completely. While there are no written rules about tanning right after a wax, I would not suggest it because the skin is going to be sensitive. This includes hitting a tanning salon; laying directly on the tanning bed could irritate the waxed areas because of the disinfection chemicals that are used on it. Even vertical tanning pods can cause more irritation.

If you have questions about your waxing appointment make sure you ask them before you arrive. You wouldn’t want to have to wait an extra half hour for your appointment because of someone who took too long asking questions and second-guessing their decision so give everyone else that common courtesy.

How To Customize Car Headlights

Car customization occurs on all levels. From full body kits, to simple headlight changes, there truly is something customizable within everyone’s budget. Lighting is one aspect of a car that lends itself easily to customization and in general , is a low cost do it yourself task.

For this guide we will focus on a little known conversion of adapting a 9005 series bulb for use in the low beam headlights of a car, replacing the 9906 series bulb that is currently in place.

Why use a 9005 bulb in place of a 9006? A 9005 bulb draws only 10 to 15 watts of additional power while outputting nearly 70% more light than the 9006 bulb. This upgrade is simple, efficient, very cost effective, and a must do for those looking for additional headlight power and range for night time driving, but who lack the nearly $500 average cost of converting to an HID headlight system.

To begin this customization of your car you will need to purchase an additional set of 9005 headlight bulbs, or if you happen to have a set sitting around that you would like to use, feel free to do so. The headlight bulbs can be purchased at you local car parts store.

The customization of the bulbs only requires two tools. You will need a soldering gun and an Exacto knife. Begin by heating the soldering gun in a safe location. Then look closely at your 9005 bulbs and you will notice three tabs on the outside mounting surface. These tabs hold the bulbs in the housing on the car. The center tab must be modified slightly to fit into a 9006 housing.

The modification involves cutting approximately 3 mm off of the tab to the left side of the center. This is easily accomplished by using the hot soldering gun to cut through the plastic and the Exacto knife to scrape any excess plastic off.

The second modification is only slightly more difficult. If you examine the area where the wire connection is made, you will see two tabs that stick out next to the two metal connection points. These two tabs must also be removed. Again, this is accomplished by using your soldering gun to cut though the plastic and then following up with your Exacto knife to smooth out the plastic. This may take a couple of passes to effectively remove the tabs. Though a little of the tab at the base may be left in place and will not alter the fit of the connection.

At this point, your new headlight bulbs are ready. Wipe them down with some rubbing alcohol and insert them into your low beam headlight sockets on your car. They should be snug and the electrical connection should click just like it did with the other headlight bulb that you are replacing. If it does not fit, simply remove slightly more material from the center tab on the headlight bulb the same way that you did in step one.

Finally, turn on your new, brighter headlights, make sure they are aimed properly, and enjoy the additional light.

There are many ways to customize your own car and this is just the beginning. A simple customization such as the one listed above takes only a little time and money. Other customizations to your car can cost thousands and may require you to take your car to an experienced professional to have the work done for you. There is no limit to the amount of customization one can do to their own car. You are only limited by your budget and your imagination.

The Construction And Making Of Vaccum Cleaner

The business of cleaning up for construction companies. There is two construction cleaning business. The first of course will function as outside clean up after the home is totally finished. In that business, you’d be cleaning up the mess that the builders have left the ground or in the garage, plastic, wire lathe, or the wood. It is not a job, but you need to be able to have money and to remain busy if you get in with builders. You may want to look into buying a bobcat to pick up the messes faster what you can do by hand with the cleaning of the outside.

Usage in new houses

This would not be an individual job if you need to do it get a buddy to go with you into a business. Another building is the cleanup of the inside of the house using dyson v10 motorhead . This is like doing maid work except for a bit bigger of a job, for individuals. You will have pieces of carpeting and trim left. However, in the long term, you might make a fair amount of cash doing this. Before setting a price that’s too high, too low you will need to bid to get in using a builder but think about your bid. In any instance, you get and try to a building cleaning company you will find that building is flourishing you will be so busy you may need to employ someone to help you.

Cleaning process

That’s if you’re doing the inside cleaning of the finished house. Remember if you are cleaning up the outside, you will either need a bobcat or a minimum of one other individual with you to clean. But you can simply plan the pay of the other individual and not cut out on exactly what your profit would be by using dyson v10 motorhead.