There is nothing worse than a Shiba puppy that jumps on anyone who walks in the front door, barks all day long, doesn’t listen to your commands, or relieves himself in your house. These are just a few examples of the sorts of bad dog behavior that drives owners crazy. If you are having these types of behavioral problems with your dog then it might be time to try some basic obedience training.

Dogs are very social creatures and they love attention, even if it’s for doing the wrong thing. Dog obedience training is the best way to re-program the way your dog goes about seeking attention because it them a positive outlet to please you. It also teaches them the difference between good and bad behavior because once they understand what you want from them they will always work to earn your praise.

There are two ways to approach training your dog to correct bad behavior; you can do it your self or you can sign up for a dog training class. If you are having a particularly hard time with your dog’s behavior then a class run by a professional trainer may be your best bet. Not only do you get their years of experience working with just about every kind of behavioral problem you also get a chance to find out exactly how to best deal with your dog’s problems. Dog obedience classes also give you the opportunity to socialize your dog with other dogs, which is a big part of solving many of his behavior issues.

If you don’t wish to train your dog in a class setting then you can still use the services of a professional trainer. Many trainers will provide private lessons, either at their place of business or at your home. Again you will get their experience working with all sorts of dogs but it will be more cost-prohibitive.

If you would rather train your misbehaving dog yourself there are plenty of resources available to help you. Your local pet or book store will have plenty of books on the subject, some even specific to your particular breed. This can be important because not all breeds respond as well to the same training methods. Getting a better understanding of the intelligence level, mood, and temperament of your dog can give you insight into why he might be misbehaving.

There are also good training methods available on the internet. Most of these are downloadable ebooks written by professional dog trainers. They cover a wide variety of bad behavior problems and give you the insight of a pro without having to pay to see one in person. One of the nice things about going this route is the ability to email the trainers with questions and problems you may be having. This personal touch makes the low cost of these products a good way to go.

Bad dog behavior in the majority of cases is simply a case of a lack of proper obedience training. No matter which training option you choose your chances of turning your misbehaving dog into a model doggy citizen is greatly increased if you take the time to train him properly.