How To Use New Social Media Sites

Anyone who spends sufficient time on the Internet knows that Social Media sites have been sprouting all over the internet these past 2-3 years, with new ones being created almost every single day or week. And more & more individuals & businesses are now making use of these sites for a wide variety of purposes, e.g. communicating with friends & loved ones, building relationships, exchanging ideas & opinions, obtaining the most recent news & information & promoting websites or products.

So in order to get some sense out of the hundreds of such sites appearing on the internet, I’ve decided to try & group them into 6 main general categories based on my own understanding of their main functions or objectives. Hopefully this will help you have a better idea of the types of Social Media sites that are out there on the internet right now:

These sites are places where members share & submit news stories or articles, in which other can then place their own votes about such stories or articles. Members can also comment on the stories or articles submitted & these can later give rise to ensuing conversations about what was submitted. Examples of such sites include Digg, Del.Icio.Us, Reddit & StumbleUpon.

As the name suggests, these sites allow you to upload & share your photos with others, as well as share information about those photos. Most of these sites allow you to add specific tags to the photos being uploaded, as well as allow other members to add their comments to the photos. Examples of such sites include Flickr, Photobucket & SnapFish. The use of the new social site can be done for the promotion of the products. Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers? In the beginning, the focus of the people should be on increasing the followers without investment. It will increase the sale and growth of the business. 

Such sites are close cousins to the photo-sharing sites above, the difference being they allow you to upload & share only videos instead.

The main example is of course YouTube, which was acquired by Google a few years ago. Many of these video sharing sites now offer a lot more features than just plain video sharing, such as subscriptions to particular video channels, giving ratings to the videos & allowing members to embed the videos themselves on members’ own websites or blogs. Examples of these sites include YouTube, Veoh, Viddler & Daily Motion.

These sites enable users to save & publicly “bookmark” whatever websites, links or web pages they feel are important enough to be “bookmarked”, & which in turn allow other users to publicly view such bookmarks as well. Besides saving your “bookmarks”, almost all these sites allow you to add tags, annotations or descriptions to your entries as well, & most of them also have pages that show the most popular or recent “bookmarks”. Examples include Digg, Del.Icio.Us, Technorati, Furl & Spurl.

Social Network / Social Networking sites are at present the most popular & fastest growing social media sites right now on the internet, with sites like Facebook & Twitter taking the lead amongst all the other similar sites out there. As the name suggests, such sites allow users to network, connect with other like-minded people & build relationships with one another, both on a personal as well as on a professional level. However, besides the obvious uses mentioned, more & more businesses, companies & entrepreneurs are also using such sites as a means of reaching out to their prospects & customers, establishing their own corporate / business brands, as well as promoting their own websites, products or services to their target audience. Even celebrities & politicians are increasingly using these sites as a way of reaching out to their own loyal base of fans or supporters, the prime example of which was President Obama who made extensive use of both Facebook & Twitter during his presidential campaign. Besides Facebook & Twitter other examples of such sites include LinkedIn & Ning.

Finally, this last group of sites are the ones which in general allow users to provide, publish & share information & knowledge on any topic or area of interest, thus enabling people with a collective area of interest to form their own online communities or groups. Because of the massive amount of information that is published at such sites, many times they also act as an online “encyclopedia” for anyone interested to find out more about a particular subject matter or area of interest. Similar to the Social Network sites mentioned above, more & more businesses & entrepreneurs are using such sites as a way of building their own business or individual brands, as well as a promoting the

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