Like it or not, medicinal marijuana along with the best cbd for anxiety and other medial ailments is coming to a hospital near you. There just seems to be too much need, research, and support for it to be much longer before it is not used in the medical field and eventually legalized.

After the American Medical Association approved marijuana for medical research purposes and reversing their over 50-year stance against it, the tide turned. Now people are more likely to be open to the possibility that marijuana might be the wonder drug that it was once thought to be.

American Medical Association & Medicinal Marijuana

As WSM reported in this article about the American Medical Association supporting marijuana, we knew that this done would be coming our way soon. The AMA reported that they are willing to open up medicinal marijuana to more testing and allow doctors and chemists to begin testing drugs that can be created from marijuana that will help the medical community deal with the rising illnesses and troubles of the people.

There is little doubt that marijuana can be used to help people with cataracts, glaucoma, asthma, the common cold, and more, but there is hope that it might be very helpful in ADD, ADHD, cancer, sickle cell anemia, and more. Think about how wonderful this would be if these illnesses and many more can be tamed by something that grows out of the ground and is very sustainable. This would be huge, which is one more reason we feel that Medicinal marijuana will be coming to a hospital near you soon.

Medicinal Marijuana Research

Ever since marijuana was made illegal in 1937 here in the United States, it has had a very hard time proving it’s medicinal uses to the public. The reason is that most of the credible researchers that they American people would trust dropped out of researching the herb for medical purposes as they thought that it had no chance of being legalized for medical or personal use, so why continue the studies?

The people that were studying the medicinal uses of marijuana were fringe researchers here in the United States and others from foreign countries, but Americans are not likely to trust either group. Therefore, for about 70 years, medicinal marijuana has been lost in the shuffle of the drug war, teenage usage, and lies about how it affects the body.

With the backing of the American Medical Association and even the Obama administration that told Federal agencies to leave marijuana clinics in states that allow them to operate alone, medicinal marijuana is posted to take to the limelight and enter the hospitals as a viable drug that has the capacity to change the medical field and the world.

The Need for Medicinal Marijuana

It really puzzles me that people are not open to even testing the uses and benefits of medicinal marijuana. You would think that with all the illnesses and sickness in this world that are not being solved by more dangerous drugs, the medical field and the people would be open to exploring the uses and functions of medicinal marijuana, but they are not. They are closed-minded and don’t even want to acknowledge any of the benefits or victories that have already been accredited to marijuana

For example, people with multiple sclerosis are greatly benefited by smoking marijuana, but people act like those that do should be thrown in jail. This is ridiculous. We are all grown-ups and if you want to smoke, then smoke. But if smoking greatly improves your quality of life, who are we to say that you shouldn’t be doing it. I always thought the medical field was here to help the people, but it seems like they are not.

Yet with the American Medical Association changing its stance on medicinal marijuana, the doors of opportunity seem to be opening and the lights of the hospital will shine on marijuana soon.