Sleeping long hours, undergoing all types of health care methods, consuming a well balanced diet, exercising daily and many more, are all common ways to keep ourselves fit and look younger. These health care remedies are effectual, but somehow fail to shove off the signs of aging such as sagging skin, wrinkles and loosened muscles. It is due to these reasons that most people in today’s time closely follow the Botox injection treatment or the various Botox alternative methods. However, majority people prefer undergoing the botox treatment for its effective and long lasting results.

Although, Botox is a very commonly known and followed anti-aging treatment, not many people are aware about its facts and how it reacts on different people. Well, if you are thinking of undergoing a rejuvenation therapy using Botox injections, you should probably learn about a few basic things about Botox and its variations. We will cover topics like, definition of Botox, who is eligible to use Botox, its variations and finally side effects (if any).

Define Botox:

Botox is a simple extract derived and purified from botulism toxin which in the natural conditions results to food poisoning. Although, the amount of Botox extracted in this case is merely a fraction of the total amount that is responsible of causing food poisoning and thus causing health issues. This small amount of botox extracted from botulism toxin actively works in preventing the nerve impulses from being received by the muscles on our face. This hence gives the muscles a nice relaxation which in turn prevents the formation of wrinkles and other aging signs on the face, neck, etc.

Keeping the above definition in mind, people have mixed feelings about Botox or to put it simply, they are purely confused on whether to go for it where some don’t want to compromise on their health while those obsessed with good looks go for it anyway irrespective of how expensive it is and the proof is available with chin fillers Vancouver having the largest number of Botox cases every year where people from neighboring US and even Europe fly down to get treated for their wrinkles.

Are your eligible to follow the treatment:

Every time you think of undergoing the skin enhancement treatment to shove off the aging signs, you should most primarily consult your doctor. It is extremely essential to understand if you are really eligible to undergo the treatment safely without any complications. Well, you surely cannot undergo this botox injection treatment if you are suffering from any neurological disorder, are pregnant or are a feeding mother. Undergoing the botox treatment in these conditions may cause certain complications or even increase your neurological problems.

Botox variations:

We are all aware about the botox injection treatment, but apart from the treatment you can also undergo the botox cream therapy. This is a decent alternative for the painful botox injections that are all across your face in order to get rid of all the wrinkles. You can simply apply the botox cream on all the affected areas of your face. This will only help you to slowly remove the wrinkles from your face. The best part about the treatment is that you need not face a doctor and undergo the painful experience of botox injections. Also, you can avoid the redness, swelling and bruising that is usually caused by the injections. You suffer no pain nor have any recovery time, but should apply it regularly for better results.

Botox side effects:

Nearly every single medication or treatment followed in today’s time has certain added risks, common or severe side effects that act differently on different individuals. For instance, certain common Botox side effects such as headaches may occur. This heaviness of the head or headache automatically gets cured within about 24 to 48 hours of the treatment. A few other people have also complained of drooping eyelids soon after undergoing the treatment, while there are others who complain of having difficulty in being able to express their emotions on their face. The botox fillers make the face partially paralyzed. However, having allergic reactions on the body due to the injections is quite possible. Hence, before you simply go and get the treatment done on your face, it is essential that you consult your doctor and follow the given directions.