When people prefer to store shrooms in their homes, then it becomes major trouble for them to think about how to keep it safe and fresh. It is a must for the shrooms, lovers, to learn how to store is wells o that they can use them without getting into any trouble. You should pay attention to the golden teacher mushrooms so that you can get some basic knowledge about magic mushrooms. Try to focus on the below detail as it will help you learn how to store magic mushrooms and help you keep them fresh and safe. 

Things to Consider

When you opt for storing magic mushrooms, make sure that you will pay attention to the things mentioned below, as it will help you be safe while storing them. 

  • A Brush 
  • A Fan 
  • Packets of Food-Grade Silica 
  • Disposable Gloves 
  • A Large Sheer Pan or Wire Rack 
  • Clean Mason jar with Lid 
  • A Gentle Kitchen Towel or Flour Sack Towel 

Fresh Mushrooms are very sensitive, and if you touch them with bare hands, it will break out and get destroyed. When you opt for storing shrooms, make sure that you will use all the things mentioned above and then place them in a paper bag or light woven basket after a safe collection. If you find the mushrooms dirty, you should put them under cold water to remove all the dirt from them. Then make them get dry for 20-30 minutes under cold air or with a gentle towel. Once the water gets dried, then move them to your fridge. 


The above details will help you know how to keep the magic mushrooms safe and fresh for the long term after collecting them from your garden. It will also help you get the best mushrooms to eat when you opt for cooking them out of your fridge.