More about the business plan

If you are like me and you want to start up your own business, and you want to write up a good business plan, you get a brain freeze. You might not know how to start or what you need to say in your business plan. First you need to have an idea what your business is going to be about, so you have an idea of its concept. You have to have a basic idea of what you want to do and how you want to do it.

You need to gather information about your business concept and find out if your business is even going to be feasible. Is there going to be a market for what you want to do for a living. A good thing to do is do some Internet searches on businesses similar to the one you want to start. You might even contact these businesses and ask what their mission is and how much they charge for their service.

Your business plan should be a sort of outline that describes what you want to do, where you want to do it, and how you plan to do it, and why you want to do it. You must be able to fill some kind of need that a consumer will relate to and want to engage with your business. A good way to know if your business will be viable is to have some knowledge before you ever start up on your own. Many folks, including myself have worked in industries that could very well be viable as a small business. For a long time when I was nursing I wanted to have my own nursing agency, where I would have RN’s and LPN’s on staff as independent contractors. I worked a full time job, and on the side I worked as an independent contractor for a couple of nursing agencies. And now that I am retired I write for part of my living for a ghostwriting company. Both industries nursing and ghostwriting are viable industries. It is up to us who want to start up a small business to do all of our homework, and have a plan in place to make our vision a reality.

Test your business before you go commercial

Before you invest a lot of money into your business, you might want to test your plan before you start up commercially. If you want to start a commercial cleaning business, you might want to start up first with a few houses. Maybe start up with one house to clean, and let word of mouth find you that next job. If you are cleaning houses and doing a great job, people will talk and refer you. By the time you have all the houses you can reasonably handle, you know your business is going to be a success. Now is the time to go commercial. Get that business started for real, and if you need to add on people to help you, you can work and manage others. Eventually, you may be able to manage your business and have employees working under you.

In the beginning, you may want to have a mentor to guide you along the process of building your new business. It’s good to connect with people who have many of the skills you already have in your business, plus skills that you need. If your business is ready to expand, look for people that will bring something to your business. Bring in people that know more than you do about the business; this will help you when you are just beginning, because you could be just floundering like a fish out of water without someone that is more seasoned in some areas. You may have your strong points, but others may have strong points that you don’t have.

A word about money

Many of us don’t have a degree in accounting. We have to be able to keep up with our cash flow. It might be good to take a course in accounting before you actually start a business, or hire someone who does have a background in accounting. There is good accounting software, but you still need to know how to manage your company’s money.

Use the Internet

The Internet is a great way to get your business started. You can get some great websites designed for you, or you can design them yourself. Take out an ad in your local paper and tell the general public who you are, your company’s name and what you have to offer. Give the web address of your company, and before long you will be getting hits to beat the band if all is going well. You might also want to put some ads in other papers and magazines from all around the state you live in, and keep branching out as your business grows. The Internet can bring in so much business, and then you can confirm orders, or set up appointments from there. Whether you are selling a service, or selling a product you have a great future ahead of you if you plan carefully and know your market.