Have you ever visited your local library to go check out a book, only to find that it wasn’t there? Or perhaps, you wanted to order it through their book system, but of course, it was unavailable, and would be for some time. Also, if you are a working individual, or a college student, finding time to visit the library can be hard, but at some point, we do try to make that visit happen.

For those with busy schedules, having a book loan or book rent program would make life for “bookworms” much easier. With all of the popularity of Netflix, it would seem as if there could be a similar service with books as well. Also, with the rising price of every other product there is on the market, the prices of books seem to be on the rise too. Some of the books on the best seller’s list cost more than $20 each. Two individuals by the name of George and Shamoon came up with the idea of BookSwim after repeatedly borrowing books from a local cafĂ© in their area.

In March of 2007, the idea of Bookswim was born when it loaned out it’s very first book, The Richest Man in Babylon. BookSwim is allowing individuals to rent books online without a special return date, and best of all, the website is open 24 hours a day-seven days a week! For those that have heard of Netflix-where people can rent movies online, and then return them in mailers provided by Netflix, without any extra shipping costs, there is now a book service that will allow readers to exactly that.

Joining this new book rental service is very easy, and costs around $20 a month to have three books out at a time. It also includes free shipping both ways. To join BookSwim, all new members need to do, is sign up for membership at their website, and then choose the package of their choice. From there, members can choose a book from the available categories to have shipped to their place of choice. While reading their current loaned out books, users can have a que of books on the side, so that when their finished book is shipped back, another new book is shipped directly to them. This way, a reader always has plenty of books being sent to them to enjoy all the time.

For those looking for an easy book rental program, BookSwim is a simple solution for emerging and developed book worms. While there are other book rental programs emerging online in the internet world, BookSwim is promising a great and simple service to it’s readers. BookSwim is still a new service on the internet, but currently there is over 150,000 book titles that are available for rent. Members can select from categories such as nonfiction, sports, romance, science, religion, parenting and families, art, biographies, mysteries, computers, history, and many more categories that are there to choose from. BookSwim.com is allowing users to register online to rent books.

Some may find it silly to pay for a subscription, when they can, of course visit their local library. But this service is well worth the cost, when you can have any book of your choice delivered to you at any time and you can keep it for as long as you want. Bookswim also provides the mailers to mail your books back in too. Should a member decide that they like their book that they have rented, Bookswim will allow members to purchase the books at low discounted prices that would be cheaper than buying them from a bookstore.