Throughout the years, I have given just about every direct sales company in the world a try, having been a representative for Mary Kay, Creative Memories, Avon, 1-800-PARTYSHOP, and Big Yellow Box by Crayola. Out of all the companies I’ve given a try, I have been most successful with Avon, as it seems they sell products that people need on a regular basis and at a price that competes with most drug stores and grocery stores. I’ve made a good deal of money just selling Avon products, but recently I’ve begun recruiting other Avon representatives into my downline, and that is where the money really is. Basically, when you are an Avon representative and you recruit a new person to sell Avon, you will make a percentage of everything that they sell…forever. You are essentially duplicating yourself and making money off the efforts of other representatives. But finding new reps can be a challenge. Here are a few ideas for where you might find people interested in signing up to sell Avon:

1) Post ads or leave business cards on free community bulletin boards at grocery stores and coffee shops. Many of these places have free bulletin boards where you can post an ad or a business card. You can get cheap business cards printed through or print your own on your home computer. Keep an eye out for these free community bulletin boards everywhere you go, and always have something with your contact information in case you find one. You’ll be surprised how many Avon leads these free bulletin boards can provide.

2) Get a cheap classified ad in the local newspaper or Penny Saver. In most communities you can place a classified ad in one of these publications for less than $30, and you can get discounts if you run your ad in multiple issues. Check the Avon representative website for approved advertising copy as there are some regulations you must follow. People often browse the classified section of their newspaper and this can be another great recruiting tool for you.

3) Place recruiting literature in each Avon brochure you hand out. Your current customer base can be your best source of new Avon representatives. You don’t have to be pushy. Avon makes friendly recruiting postcards that you can slip inside each brochure you deliver. That way, if someone is interested in the Avon sales opportunity, they can contact you to get more information.

Recruiting a sizable Avon downline can take some time and effort, but it is well worth it in the end. A successful downline can mean a monthly commission check from Avon for hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars per month. If you are interested in signing up to sell Avon, contact your local Avon sales representative. They can give you all the information you need.