If you have been thinking about improving the value of your home, then you might want to install new windows. This is a job that is made much easier for the average person thanks to windows that are pre-hung, meaning they come already assembled with their frames. Always ask a professional for help if you’re concerned about being able to install new windows.

When you are going to install new windows, you most likely will choose pre-hung windows. There are some general guidelines to follow when installing these kinds of windows, but the directions will vary a little depending on the manufacturer of your particular window. Make sure that you read all of the instructions before you start installing your new windows.

You first need to prepare the opening. Decide where you want the window and mark the location. The easiest way is to drill each corner where the new window will be and insert a long nail through each hole. They will poke through to the exterior of your home and you can use a level to draw lines marking the perimeter. From the outside, you then saw through siding and sheathing. From inside, remove the drywall.

Next you place the window into the opening to ensure the fit. The opening should be just slightly larger than the window – the manufacturer instructions will tell you how much larger. The manufacturer will also recommend water-resistant barriers so install those. Usually this is just inserting strips around the edges of a moisture barrier and using staples and flashing tape to secure it. Spacers should be inserted in the bottom of the opening and attached with 6d nails. They shouldn’t protrude beyond the outside and inside walls. If the opening is not level, you can add shims.

To mount the window go outside. Put the bottom of the window on the spacers and push the top slowly into the opening, making sure it’s centered. Drive nails partially through one or both of the upper corners to hold it in place. Insert shims at the sides near the bottom, top, and midpoint and adjust until the window is vertical and even. Be sure the window is easy to open and secure it with nails into the brick mold or the casing. Flashing and sealant should be applied inside and outside as per the manufacturer.

To finish, go inside and apply molding to the window if you want. Side casings will also work. Wooden windows will need to be painted, but be careful you don’t paint your window shut. side casings and moldings will work for double hung or single hung windows, so you have a wide variety of decorative styles to choose from when you install new windows.Sears Home Improvements offers quality home renovation services including the Install of New Windows, Please visit our Home Improvements website or call us at 1-877-587-1990 for more information today.