Car customization occurs on all levels. From full body kits, to simple headlight changes, there truly is something customizable within everyone’s budget. Lighting is one aspect of a car that lends itself easily to customization and in general , is a low cost do it yourself task.

For this guide we will focus on a little known conversion of adapting a 9005 series bulb for use in the low beam headlights of a car, replacing the 9906 series bulb that is currently in place.

Why use a 9005 bulb in place of a 9006? A 9005 bulb draws only 10 to 15 watts of additional power while outputting nearly 70% more light than the 9006 bulb. This upgrade is simple, efficient, very cost effective, and a must do for those looking for additional headlight power and range for night time driving, but who lack the nearly $500 average cost of converting to an HID headlight system.

To begin this customization of your car you will need to purchase an additional set of 9005 headlight bulbs, or if you happen to have a set sitting around that you would like to use, feel free to do so. The headlight bulbs can be purchased at you local car parts store.

The customization of the bulbs only requires two tools. You will need a soldering gun and an Exacto knife. Begin by heating the soldering gun in a safe location. Then look closely at your 9005 bulbs and you will notice three tabs on the outside mounting surface. These tabs hold the bulbs in the housing on the car. The center tab must be modified slightly to fit into a 9006 housing.

The modification involves cutting approximately 3 mm off of the tab to the left side of the center. This is easily accomplished by using the hot soldering gun to cut through the plastic and the Exacto knife to scrape any excess plastic off.

The second modification is only slightly more difficult. If you examine the area where the wire connection is made, you will see two tabs that stick out next to the two metal connection points. These two tabs must also be removed. Again, this is accomplished by using your soldering gun to cut though the plastic and then following up with your Exacto knife to smooth out the plastic. This may take a couple of passes to effectively remove the tabs. Though a little of the tab at the base may be left in place and will not alter the fit of the connection.

At this point, your new headlight bulbs are ready. Wipe them down with some rubbing alcohol and insert them into your low beam headlight sockets on your car. They should be snug and the electrical connection should click just like it did with the other headlight bulb that you are replacing. If it does not fit, simply remove slightly more material from the center tab on the headlight bulb the same way that you did in step one.

Finally, turn on your new, brighter headlights, make sure they are aimed properly, and enjoy the additional light.

There are many ways to customize your own car and this is just the beginning. A simple customization such as the one listed above takes only a little time and money. Other customizations to your car can cost thousands and may require you to take your car to an experienced professional to have the work done for you. There is no limit to the amount of customization one can do to their own car. You are only limited by your budget and your imagination.