If you have just started playing the Elder Scrolls then one should pay attention on the character creation guide.  ESO Character build will help you in creating the character in the game. Character creation always plays one of the most important parts in your journey. 

Choosing the perfect character and class will surely go the long way to ensure that you enjoy the Elder Scrolls Online Experience. While creating the character, one needs to pay close attention on lots of important things. If you want to create the character in Elder Scrolls without facing any issue then one should pay attention on following important things.

Customize the voice and gender

If you are creating the character in ESO then one will have to customize the gender & sound of their voice. Developers of the ESO have already introduced the eight voice options for race combinations and varying gender. Make sure that you are always choosing the right gender and voice that will sounds perfect for you.

Pay Attention On Race

In case you are facing several problems while choosing the race then one should invest a lot of time in the learning. Mainly, three alliances are available in the game. Various races will be start out tied to the particular factions.  Make sure that you are paying close attention on two important things like race and skills. However, if you are playing the standard version of the game then you will find the 9 races. Adventurers who are buying the imperial Edition can easily play the 10th race without any issue.

Proper Customization

Elder Scrolls is one of the most interesting game that never lacked customization. Therefore, players will surely able to script overall look of character via several separate options.