Custom curtains can be extremely expensive when you are trying to decorate oversized or unusually tall windows in new or old construction. The great thing is you can customize pre made curtains from your local Bed Bath and Beyond or even Target.

This simple trick will give you ideas for creating new length on semi homemade custom curtains on a budget for any overly tall window in your home.

Most pre made curtains at the local sore will come in lengths of 63 inches, 84 inches, and 96 inches. 96 inches is a luxury when you can find it.

One of the easiest ways to add length to any pre made curtain is to add length on to the bottom of the curtain. Simply hang your curtains as normal. Now, use a tape measure to measure how far they are from the ground.

Now, choose an accent fabric that coordinates with the colors in your room or even your curtains. It is never great idea to try to simply match your fabric and add the length, but it does look great to choose a complimentary fabric to add on.

Now, cut the accent fabric out two inches taller then the height needed. You should also cut it out two inches wider than the width of your curtains.

Now, simple fold in all four edges one inch. Iron them down. You can sewn them own or no sew them with yoru iron.

Finally, attach the accent fabric to the bottom of your pre made curtain panels by sewing them to the bottom edge of the curtain. Again you can use no sew or your sewing machine.

It is always a great idea to add this extra accent fabric onto the bottom of your pre made curtains to customize them for a variety of reasons.

First of all, by adding the baric onto the bottom, you can keep the existing rod pockets or tabs at the top of the pre made curtain.

If you wanted to add fabric to the top of the curtain you would have to go through the steps of sewing new tabs or even sewing a new rod pocket for your curtain hardware.

Sewing on an accent fabric at the bottom of your pre made curtain to customize it also allows you a change to ground your curtains and add visual interest at an eye level you can see and enjoy.

Ground your pre made curtain panels by choosing a darker shade for the accent fabric. You can also ground your customized curtain panels by choosing the same color as the curtains, but in a heavier fabric.

For instance, if your curtains are silk, try adding velvet fabric on the bottom. Both are luxurious and pair well together because they compliment each other.

The silk on top is light and the velvet is much heavier, which grounds the entire custom curtain.