You will usually see curbs only on the edges of public roads, but only a few house lawns or parks use these separation edges of pavements. If you are not sure of what curb is, it is that elevated set of stones that separate a road from the sidewalk. Curbs are useful to provide height to the sidewalk and prevent the soil or pavement stones from falling apart and spread on the road.

They also channelize any flowing water on the road to the sewers or drains, stopping it from entering an apartment or restricted area.

What Purpose Does It Serve In Domestic Lawns Or Public Parks?

Using curbs in your domestic lawns, you can separate the pathway from the lawn area and stop mud from coming on the walkway. Or they can act as the edging restraint for stopping you pave block from falling apart in loads or rainfall. If you also want curbs in your lawn or parking area, then you can check our äärekivi paigaldus hind and contact our executives for the procedure and other details.

Variety Of Material And Shape Of Curbs To Suit Pavement

Usually, the narrow-dropped curbs are installed at public places that make it easier for wheelchairs, strollers, or bicycles to cross between streets and pathways. You can choose from a number of materials like cobblestone, concrete, or granite stone curbs, etc., matching the path and environment.

We have various precast curbs in our inventory that are ready to be installed. However, you can also get your design and pattern of curbs cast. Our staff also provides paving block installation and other related services. They can guide you about the right choice of paving material, amount of material required, or repair any existing pavement.