The authorities released the last year warzone call of duty game for the young generation of people who love to play these types of games. As we all know, in these types of online games, different kinds of cheats are used by the players that help them in making their game enjoyable. One of the similar games was GTA vice city with a particular aim, and a player has to fulfill that aim to earn the winning chance and move to the next level.

As in other gaming options, different cheats are available. Similar is the case with the game warzone. You have the option of a variety of games out of which you can apply the cheat as per the situation. These cheats can be used to play online dota 2 tournaments.

In starting when this game was introduced at that time, there were not so many cheats used in these games, but with the passage of time, people have started using different cheats. Now we will discuss some of them in detail:

Wall hacks

This is one of the most popular cheats that is used in the game warzone. This is a cheat by applying which the players can see the location of the other players even around the wall. This feature gives them the option to target the other players easily.


This is another option of the cheat that a player can use. This is a cheat whose main aim is to keep the cheater’s reticle perfectly locked on to the opponent’s body.

These are the variety of cheating option that people use in playing the game warzone. If they choose excellent cheat as per the situation, then their chances to achieving their goal will increase.