Hiring cleaners after builders have finished their work is something that we all look to do because builders aren’t necessarily the cleanest bunch out of them all when it comes down to cleaning up after themselves. It can be so annoying when you have paid them so much and then there comes a point that you feel angry that they have left everything in such a mess from the extra cement on the tiles that you keep getting your hands on as well extra paint that you found on the skirting board!

You also found a pair of old boots and it drove you crazy because you found that you ended up doing more cleaning and more extra work after they had left, not to mention all the film of dirt and sawdust even when they had long gone, weeks down the line. You know it’s finally time you did something about it and this is why you’re thinking of hiring a building cleaning company to be able to professionally clean out all the mess that has been left behind! Although you realise that this is the best choice, you may have never hired a cleaning company to be able to do this for you which is why we have written a short guide of points that you should bear in mind before you hire them hydrogen peroxide uses for mouth, to make your experience as best as possible:

Guide to hiring cleaners after builders

Make a list of everything that you need cleaning. This may sound like the simplest thing that you need to do however when it comes down to making a list, you can never be too specific about the exact things that need cleaning. Why do we say this? Because it is imperative to know that everything you are hiring the company for will be cleaned properly as well as no surprises, when it comes down to the cleaners cleaning more than they were asked to and then slyly adding it to the bill at the end

Ensure that you have the budget to be able to hire the cleaners in the first place. There is nothing worse than booking a cleaning job with the cleaners and then realising that you don’t even have the money to pay them. Remember that when you are obtaining a quote from them, it is always simpler to be able to include the VAT when they quote you as opposed to saying “it is exclusive of VAT”, leaving you confused and derailed when the final bill comes up. Be very mindful that a lot of cleaning agencies are VAT registered and will usually leave the tax out until the very end.

Cleaning should be done by all occupants regularly. Stale food, dirty clothes lying round serves as the breeding ground for insects, rats, and moulds. It is very dangerous for people to live in such atmospheres. The air gets contaminated and could lead to a lot of breathing and uncomfortable living.