Thanks to the integrated Multipole system, the Lipumastid flagpole is already set up to implement, according to needs, functional designs. 

Multipole allows perfect modularity of all the elements that make up the flagpole: anchoring, shaft, tip, support accessories, and maneuvering of the flag. 

By simply choosing the appropriate accessory kit, it is possible to set up the Multiple flagpoles for the type of display selected for the flag, whether it be of the “flying” type, especially for institutional uses, or “sustained” in communication contexts and, in particular, commercial. 

Internal rope 

The most innovative system for handling flags and the safest as the flags, once raised, are completely unreachable and therefore protected from theft and vandalism. 

Functional characteristics 

In the “internal rope” system, the rope is operated using a crank, which is then removable and acts on a winding winch inside the mast. The free end of the rope exits from the top of the flagpole through the tip and is connected to the upper attachment of the flag, whose vertical tension is ensured by a particular counterweight hooked to the lower branch of the same. 

External rope 

It is the classic solution, the simplest and cheapest, practically irreplaceable in the official ceremonies of raising and lowering the flag. 

The flag is then kept correctly hoisted in position, tying the rope to a “sailor-style” cleat fixed at the bottom of the flagpole. 

Exclusive “KIP” system 

From today, thanks to the exclusive “KIP” system, the top position is always kept correct and completely safe. “KIP” (Keep in Place system) is, in fact, the latest generation technical solution for self-compensating the problems as well as unwelcome causes of instability.  

Banner Bar 

Like Banner Lift, this system also guarantees perfect visibility of the flag, even in the absence of wind, but the replacement takes place without ups and downs.  

The maneuvers are carried out by reclining the flagpole, always hinged to the base, or beaching the top with an aerial platform.