Why Is Briquetting Being Used Instead Of Pelletizing To Reuse The Wood Waste?

Wood briquettes are becoming increasing popular among people. This is really replacing traditional firewood option. Demand for effective consumer wood briquettes is high for using fireplaces, home heating systems and wood burning stoves. Compared to pellet, these briquettes are sustainable, profitable, and convenient. Instead of going for pellet müük, you must choose to resort to […]

An Overview On The Wood Briquette

What is a wood briquette? A briquette is a compressed block of dust from coal or other flammable biomass material (for example, charcoal, sawdust, timber chips, peat, or paper) applied to the fuel and start a fire. The term comes from the French word brique, which means brick. Briquettes have long been a successful fuel […]