I happen to suffer from severe glaucoma in both of my eyes. My vision is rather limited because of the disease and I get quite bad headaches and pain from the pressure buildup inside my eyes. Cannabis helps ease that pressure without having some of the nasty side effects of other drugs designed to relieve glaucoma pressure (sure, cannabis does have its own side effects, but those are generally mild or amusing). My doctor had me on a number of prescriptions in the past. All of them made me feel worse, in one way or another, than having glaucoma does. One of them made it so that I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep – if that’s ever happened to you, you know that not sleeping well for weeks on end can be more debilitating than anything else. I had heard about using cannabis as a treatment, but had some real difficulties with obtaining it in order to have treatment. I was always really nervous about breaking the law, but the few times I did have it made me feel so much better really quickly.

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When medical marijuana became legal for me it was a tremendous boon. No more sneaking around and skirting the law just so that I could feel better! I finally had regular access to something that worked for my condition, and I could stop taking the drugs I was prescribed that just made me feel worse. And now with general use legalized here in Colorado life has gotten even easier. You see, my vision is impaired to such a state that I cannot legally drive a car. That means that means that I have no reliable way to get out of my house and pick up my medicine. I used to ask my friend Steve make a cannabis delivery for me every few weeks or so, but it was out of his way to go to the dispensary and I really hate to bother people if I don’t need to. But ever since the legislation was passed to legalize marijuana and its changes took effect, I’ve been able to schedule a marijuana delivery through CannaRabbit instead. All I do is give them a call, let them know when I’ll be home and what my address is, and they take it from there. It’s made my life so much simpler to be able to relax and know that the cannabis I need to make it through the week with as little pain as possible will just show up when I need it to. And it is never out of their way to drop it off – in fact, being a marijuana courier is exactly what their job is! I’m really thankful that the country is finally getting around to making cannabis available to those who need it!