Attorneys at the Margarian Law Firm work with a variety of companies. We do our best to accommodate the unique needs of all our clients. To provide you with some insight of companies that we work with we have provided the non -exhaustive list of companies that may need our services below.

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Early Stage Startups

It is very important to have a competent business attorney or team of attorneys to handle your legal matters starting from the early stage of organizing your business. In fact legal questions arise before the incorporation – such as, where to incorporate, which entity form to choose, etc. Our attorneys will help entrepreneurs to choose the best form of business according to their needs, prospective growth, tax consequences and liability issues.

In addition to providing unique services to early stage startups we offer special discounted flat rates for early stage start-ups. We also accept non traditional forms of payment, such as equity in exchange for services. Notwithstanding the payment options we always offer discounted rates for early stage startups. For more information visit here.

There are 2 main reasons why we offer these discounted rates: 1. As an innovative law firm that works with startups we want to promote growth in the startup industry. Los Angeles is one of the largest startup hubs in the world, and it’s one of the fastest growing startup markets. We understand that its usually hard to settle in Los Angeles as opposed to the Silicon Valley as a startup and we want to help the growth of startups in Los Angeles. 2. When an early stage company succeeds and becomes a midstage company it usually needs more legal services, thus we prefer to offer exceptional discounted services to our clients for long term, during the whole life of your company.

Mid Stage Startups

Some firms treat mid stage startups the same way as regular businesses when it comes to legal affairs. We understand the need of special services for startups. Our M.B.A. specialists and attorneys provide both business, legal and financial planning advises to our clients. We will advise you on funding options, help with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and subsequent rounds of investment. Our attorneys participate in negotiations with VC, Angel Investor & other investor representatives in order to receive the necessary funding in right time for your startup. We assist our clients with stock issuance, compliance with Security Laws, etc. We also advise our clients on exit strategies, negotiate and draft acquisition agreements, merger documentation as well as IPO planning, filings and regulatory compliance.

Small to Mid Size Companies

Whether you are a new, family operated grocery store owner or a Southern California food supplier with multiple locations and hundreds of clients, our law firm is here to help you. Our attorneys will provide a full range of services both for new businesses & for established mid size companies. We also work with first time business owners and persons trying to buy their first business.

  • Business buyers

We provide due diligence, thorough review of legal documents, regulatory compliance, books and other relevant documents of the target business. We will draft your acquisition agreement, implement non-compete clauses, arrange the transfer of assets, trade names, etc.

  • First time business owners

Our attorneys will handle range of legal matters. You will receive business advising from our M.B.A. specialists. We will prepare carefully drafted standard form contracts, business contracts. Our litigation team will takeover the representation whenever contracts didn’t work.

  • Mid size companies

We will draft your standard form contracts, assist you in corporate governance, corporate finance, employment, executive compensation matters, offer strategic planning to limit liability exposure & risk of litigation, we will insure most types of regulatory compliance. Our litigation team will handle the most complex litigation & arbitration.