If you are a constructor firm or an individual looking for large or small excavation work, we can provide excavators and drivers for the machine. We have mini excavators and larger bobcat excavators in our inventory, which are equipped with modern zero tail swing and boom swinging technology. Large excavators will make the digging process faster and efficient for the building’s foundation, or large canal construction, excavating tanks, etc.

Meanwhile, mini excavators will be useful to excavate in tight areas, such as near other houses, or mining for sewers in closed roads, digging along house walls, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Zero-Tail Swing Excavator?

In conventional excavators, the sitting cabin also swiveled when the operator swiveled the excavating hand sideways with a digging bucket. But in modern zero tail swing excavators, the tail stays in its position all the time while the bucket hand swivels independently.

This way, it increases the chances of excavating in limited conditions without damaging the nearby environment. It also offers better visibility for the operator or driver, making it possible to work alone without an additional helper for directing.

Hourly Charges For The Machine And Operator With Additional Services

Our trained drivers could provide you better excavating service; however, you can also rent the excavator alone. You can check the price list on our website, and we have also added new services for kaevetööd tallinnas that you can check out like tipper trucks, garbage trucks or soil and sand delivery, etc.

When you book an excavator service with a driver, the price includes the fuel charges covered, so you need not worry about that. However, even if you book the excavator only, you will be saving fuel price with our energy-efficient vehicles, which saves fuel in standby situations.