There are a lot of good works of literature. There are a lot of good books to read in modern times. These books are all excellent in terms of stories and the written style.

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Here are the list of books you should definitely read in 2020:

  • To Kill a Mockingbird

This is one of the classics that definitely has to be on every reader’s list. This is one of the most critically acclaimed books. This book touches on important areas and acts as a great catalyst to spread social awareness as well. It is one of the most highly recommended books in history.

  • 1984

1984 is a very good book. It has to be one of the most important books in history. Critics love this book a lot. It is because of the most authentically written book. George Orwell’s research and writing style in this book is by far superior. This is an excellent book, which is a dystopian novel.

  • Animal Farm

Another one of George Orwell’s dystopian works. It is one of the best analogies that have been written. Critics recommend this book on almost every reading list for people. It gives great insight into the way a dictatorship works.

  • The Book Thief

This is et in Nazi Germany. The protagonist of this novel is Death. Written excellently, with a great storyline. This book teaches the readers a lesson or two about compassion and self-reflection.

These are some of the books recommended by critics and acclaimed novelists. These books all have good storylines, and they also help readers get an insight on a lot of life lessons overall.