Here’s one of the best fat burners and great weight loss for men workouts I’ve come across…..

especially if you like sparring or would like to learn how to.If you want to take it to the next level here’s the ultimate get lean program.

The constant movement and stress resulting from having to be alert so as to avoid the counter punching, is a super fat burning workout that elevates the metabolism. It will also keep it raised so your body will burn fat for hours even after you’re done working out.In the end you will have seen a brief freeze frame on what it takes to lose body fat while building lean muscle mass.

After punching the hand pads be sure to switch with your partner so he can get in the same workout as you.But don’t be fooled, holding the pads correctly and leading the glove punches continually burns even more calories……it’s harder than it looks!

Then immedialtely switch to the mountain climbers for sixty seconds without stopping.Then off to the high knee workout without a break in between. Can you keep up? If not I’ll explain more later.

Next you go right to burpees and jump ups. Ideally you want to do ten of these then take a break as you’ve just completed Circuit #1! So many Best weight loss pills can be purchased online from a verified website that will help you in reduce your body weight in no time. however, it is important that you should consume them only after a prescription from a doctor. This will reduce the amount of risk or adverse effect that can be caused.

Ready for circuit #2? Hang in there ….this is how to get a toned body, this is how to get ripped!

Circuit #2.

Jumping jacks for 45 seconds then carry something heavy across the room at a jog… if you don’t have a body bag find something that weighs about75 pounds or so. Then down for pushups…see if you can do 25 of these.

Next comes dragging the weight back across the room and your done.Be sure to hydrate yourself with pure cold water or a health drink of your choice.

Now these two in te video have been doing this for some time and they’re in good shape before they start this workout. But if you are just starting out then you need to dial it back to suit your present conditioning level. Don’t just go crazy and push yourself to do what they’re doing because you’ll injure yourself and set yourself back maybe for weeks or longer.

Try taking a break of 60 seconds or more between the individual workouts and maybe cutting the amounts and time lengths in half on the push ups, mountain climbers,etc. until you can start raising them back up. Also, if you don’t have a workout partner yet you can do the sparring warm ups in front of a mirror.