I thought I would add some social media info as the topic of my first proper post.

As you know, social media has become a behemoth in the world of social media websites so it’s a good place to start as leveraging the traffic from that site to benefit your own can be a great way to increase traffic and therefore sales.

Some friends I know struggle with maximising the benefits social media brings as far as Internet Marketing is concerned but get it right and it can pay big dividends. The most successful techniques I employ to make money online usually stem from those that unfortunately take time and effort. You only get out of this world what you put in and all that!

The problem is that these people are taking social media very lightly and they don’t understand the power it commands in the current times and are always engaged on platforms like https://www.smmworld.com/buy-youtube-views for getting more subscribers and views on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube so this problem has to be dealt with.

I find that by going slow and looking like a natural user of any website is a positive thing. While slow this brings positive results. There are thousands of bots and software that are black or white hat but for long term results I tend to think that they are not as beneficial as doing things slowly in your own time.

Anyway there will be a lot more of that to come, but let’s have a quick look at some social media tips:

  • Always use a custom background and not one of the default options that social media provide. Check my (bright) social media here to see what I mean. This way you are immediately recognisable by others to be a ‘real’ user and not a bot, so are less likely to get followed. Also you look more real to social media themselves if they check your account. Well, you are real!
  • If trying to increase your follow count, don’t follow 500 new users a day, especially if you’re account is quite new. Even though the maximum social media allows is to follow 2000 new people per day, don’t go for anything like this amount or you will likely be flagged. Go for 100 maximum but to look more natural and to not raise suspicions, 50 is best. After about 2 or 3 days, un-follow those that have not reciprocated. Buzzom is a good (and free) tool for this. Make sure though that you are following real users and not robots.
  • Don’t follow celebrities or obvious bot accounts, they won’t follow you back!
  • On your particularly good twits – re-tweet them. Make sure they’re seen.
  • Make sure you engage in conversations with others. This can help you get shout-outs and increased followers if someone does.
  • Set up non-salesy messages to be automatically sent to other users.
  • Of course add your ads but do not add too many each day. I recommend the least is a 1/5 ratio, so that’s 1 ad for every 5 non-ad tweets. Ideally 1/10 is better.

There’s some basic tips for social media. I will be following this up with much more in depth articles and tips along with good money-making techniques to employ with this great website.