If you know about privacy online, you must be familiar with Hidden Wiki. It is similar to the dark web. But, do not confuse it with Wikipedia. It is different from the World Wide Web, as it provides you with the information that you cannot find in the first one. Anyone can create an account and can have the right to edit it. But how to access the Hidden Wiki is everyone’s question. Find your answer below!

Steps to access the Hidden Wiki website

  1. Download the TOR browser 

You should know about the onion websites before accessing the Hidden Wiki. This website is nothing but an alternative to .com. Instead of .com, these websites have .onion. But you will not be able to access them through Safari, Chrome, or any other search engine. Therefore, you need to download “The Onion Router,” also known as the TOR website. It works like other websites. But here, the search engine is not Google. Instead, you will find DuckDuckGo. Google collects your personal information about what you are doing online. But in the case of DuckDuckGo, no such record is maintained. So, many people prefer it more.

  1. Find the Hidden Wiki 

After installing the TOR browser, you need to search the Hidden Wiki on DuckDuckGo. It is super easy to access. Now, you can start searching for whatever you like. But, you need to remember one thing. Connecting to a virtual private network is a must. Then only the TOR network will work.

Final words

The Hidden Wiki is a legal site, but not many people know about it. Due to its under-moderated nature, some people face scams as well. Thus, avoid providing any payment information on any website. Moreover, always try to update the antivirus on your computer. It will prevent you from facing malware. Once you start using the site, you will find many onion websites. Try looking for genuine ones for your use.