When I speak beaches, do you think of the smell and smoothness of the sands, the sun rays touching and soothing every muscle in your body? But, when someone mentions beaches, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You guessed it, Shells, which are, in my opinion, one of the most significant parts of beaches. Don’t laugh; shells aren’t just for kids; grownups, like myself, enjoy collecting them as it is one of the fascinating memories to keep.

Now tell me, have you ever gone for any¬†shell tours? It doesn’t matter what you say since, I am convinced that after reading this post, even if you despise shells, you will be eager to go on a vacation like this.

The Most Thrilling Excursion You Will Ever Take In Your Life

Sand Dollar Shelling, a guided shell tour company in Southwest Florida, offers shelling tours and guided boat rides to remote islands deep within the Ten Thousand Islands, where the most precious seashells are yet to be discovered. I’m getting a whiff of someone’s joy.

Furthermore, these shell tours will provide you with an experience that I believe everyone should have at least once throughout their lives. Don’t mistake these shells for the common shells that youngsters used to collect in their buckets on other beaches. As these islands are known as the top shelling beaches in Southwest Florida, the shells you will find while on your shell tours are uncommon, unspoiled, and valuable.

Final Thoughts

The Sand Dollar Shelling, a guided tour company in Southwest Florida, offers not only shell tours but also dolphin and fishing trips. They supply buckets for you to gather these rare shells as part of your beautiful memories, so your tours with them will not only be thrilling and adventurous but also instructive. Seashells have been used as musical instruments, jewelry, money, and most significantly, as a home for numerous sea species for over 500 million years.

Do you know that some marine shells, such as mollusks, grow alongside animals? Organize a visit with Sand Dollar Shelling Company to take advantage of these uncommon shells.