Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game based on the Pokemon series that captured the attention of many. After all, the game allows people to search for Pokemons in real life, using actual surroundings as the game setting. Below, we will discuss some tips that you should know when playing the game. If you want to look for a pokemon go account for sale instead, you can visit our other pages on this website. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Choose your raid battles

You don’t always have to rush things and fight raid battles that you are not sure about. After all, there is simply no point in making your low-level Pokemon fight against a high-level one. All it will lead to is a fainted Pokemon, a need for a potion to revive them, and a loss.

Before engaging in a raid battle, check the level of the Pokemon you are battling with prior to starting. You should take gym battles with less though since you can wear the enemy trainers down. This will allow you to fight early and have a chance against stronger enemies by battling with them enough times to wear them down.

  1. Restart the game on long sessions

Despite being a solid game, Pokemon Go is not that stable. There are server problems that pop up from time to time, as well as other bugs and lag. To make sure that the game is stable especially on long sessions, you can force close the game after saving your progress, and launch it again.

  1. Go to as many places as you can

This seems like a no-brainer – going to a lot of places will expose you to more Pokemons, go to other gyms, etc. By doing so, you will gain much advantage instead of restricting yourself to your local area.