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Online Dating Scams: Protecting Yourself From Online Dating Scammers

It’s a sad fact that there are scammers and losers in life wherever you are, not just in the internet dating world. But some people who are into online dating tend to be slightly more vulnerable. You can only know what the person you are dating chooses to reveal, you can’t know for sure that they are telling you the absolute truth. So how can you protect yourself from online dating scammers and losers through credible options like Oligarchescorts?

To the best of their ability, most online dating websites put into place many security safeguards to help protect their members from possible scammers. As good as these safety measures may be, it is also up to you to work with them in abiding by all the rules and regulations.

One of the main rules of internet dating is that you should never give your true email address to anyone, especially in the early stages of dating. The online dating service you join will provide you with one and hide the real email address that you must give them at sign up.

Tip: When you are replying to an email from a potential date, or someone you’ve been conversing with for a short time, never do it by hitting the reply button. This may disclose your real email address. Instead, go to the dating website and reply from there.

When you are emailing your virtual date or partner, even if they seem to be the ‘real deal’, never disclose your home telephone number or your home address. It may be that they are not as “nice” as you think, and they may stalk or harass you if you try to break up with them. Some people can be O.K. until you do something they don’t want you to do! Don’t reveal your last name either, until you are absolutely sure that the person can be trusted.

Another thing you must not do is provide your credit card details, or offer to pay them money for anything, no matter how sincere they might sound. If anyone asks you for money or even hints that they need money, be on the alert immediately. This should raise big, red flags!

If they begin to harass you using your website email address, block contact with them immediately and report them to the website owners. The online dating site will be able to blacklist them and remove them from the website.

Sometimes online dating scammers will send you an email pretending to be from whatever website dating service you joined up with asking for money, or credit card details. Be sure to look at the blue address bar at the top of your browser and see if it has the name of the web-host on it. Even if you’re the slightest bit suspicious, it is a good idea to contact the internet dating service separately and ask if they have emailed you. You can copy and paste the email you received and send it to them to check out.

How To Make Your Eyes Look Younger And Healthier

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest, which makes it prone to damage and signs of aging. And that’s why you should give extra care to this area. Most people notice fine lines and dark circles under their eyes. Many anti-aging creams and moisturizers are out there, which can be used to prevent early signs and external damage. If you want to make your eyes look younger and healthier, you should follow some daily care tips provided by health care professionals. 

Get beauty sleep 

Most people experience the problem of dark circles due to lack of sleep or stress. In order to improve the health of your skin, you should get your beauty sleep. When you sleep properly, it allows your body to take proper rest. It also helps in renewing your skin, which prevents dark circles and aging your skin. 

Healthy diet 

Along with the use of creams and moisturizers, you should also take care of your diet. A well-balanced diet helps you to look younger and healthy. You should add foods to your diet plan, which are high in vitamin C as it protects your skin against wrinkles and dryness. You can get advice from your doctor to make changes to your diet plan. 

Pamper your eyes 

Instead of getting worried about the early signs of aging, you should pamper your eyes’ skin area in a proper manner. Always make use of the right skincare products for your eyes. On the homepage of some websites, you can check details related to anti-aging creams and other products.  

You should also follow some other tips provided by experts to prevent wrinkles and dark circles. Make sure you are paying proper attention to your skincare routine to avoid wrinkles and aging effects. 

What to Consider Before You Get Your Next Car Loan

Cars last longer than ever before. The median age of cars on U.S. roads was 9.2 years in 2007, according to R.L. Polk  amp; Co. Car payments also last longer than ever. Some companies are even beginning to offer 84-month (7-year) loans. However, with that option it’s easy to find yourself “upside down,” or owing more for the vehicle than it’s worth a few years down the road. Before you agree to one of these long-term car loan, consider these alternatives.

Opt for a short-term loan. If you don’t anticipate keeping the car more than 5 or 6 years, you’re better off sticking with a short-term loan, which often has a lower interest rate. It also allows you to build equity faster allowing you to drive down the overall cost of the vehicle.

Increase your down payment. Even if you pay a small amount more up front, it will pay off in fewer interest payments over the long haul. It also can help shorten the life of your loan. Start saving money well in advance of your trip to the car dealership. Determine what you anticipate paying each month for a car loan payment. Before you purchase a vehicle, make a car payment in that amount to yourself each month. Then, when you’re ready to buy a new car, you’ll have more to contribute to your down payment. Many consumers are now online looking for their car financing before ever heading to the dealership. Most online lenders allow you to apply from the comfort of your home and get a loan decision back in a matter of minutes. From there, if you are approved, you can download your loan documents, complete them online and then be on your way to the dealership. You are in control of the process with your financing taken care of before heading to the dealership. While applying for Plain Green Loans, there is requirement of a good credit score. The students and people with bad credit score can get the loan amount in real cash. The benefit should be taken to get the fulfillment of the financial needs and requirements. 

Consider a home equity loan. It may allow you to borrow at a lower rate than a typical car loan because it’s secured by your home. The interest may also be tax-deductible. Consult your tax advisor regarding if you are allowed to deduct any interest.

If you are not in the market to purchase a new or used car or truck at the present time, consider an auto refinance loan. It works similar to a refinance mortgage. Apply for a loan to lower your existing payments. You keep the car you love but with a new lender at a lower interest rate and/or payment. There is no cost to apply and the process takes just a few minutes to complete. Good luck!

Drug Rehabilitation- Affordable to the Core

When there is a problem in your life, you immediately start working out a solution so that the matter is sorted out quickly as there are many important things to take care of right from work front to personal matters.

However, if the problem is so huge that it starts impacting your life in a big time way, then be assured that this is going to be a long and hard battle as generally happens most of the time, especially if it is pertaining to an ailment or addiction.

There is a thin line of gap between both but when they become entwined into your life, then you need to take up drastic measures in order to achieve a solution towards the recovery path.

Treatment Made Easy

When it comes to addiction, alcohol and drugs are the two most prominent examples that immediately come to mind with the latter being the bigger issue as it has increased manifolds in the past couple of years with youth taking to drugs in a big way right from their adolescents.

While the rich and elite class has no problem when it comes to treatment expenses and can afford the best rehab centers in their vicinity, the poor ones have a hard time as even their life’s savings aren’t enough to manage a simple operation.

The best way to look for an affordable or free drug rehab center, you can start by looking up Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration online about whether you have an insurance and the financial constraints you are going through.

US states like California, Texas, New York, Arizona, Florida, Nevada and New Jersey are the ones that offer free treatment for poor households for addiction treatment as these states have started a free drug program solely for humanitarian purposes.

People can start by studying about The Affordable Care Act and then contact the US Department of Veteran Affairs through their official website to avail the best possible treatment for the patient.

How to Prepare for Artificial Insemination

If you are thinking or preparing for your first round of artificial insemination, there are a few things you can do to prepare your body, mind, and soul. To be honest, there are no words to be said that will help you be 100% ready for all that you go through during the artificial insemination process. The truth is that this fertility treatment isn’t an easy journey. Yet, the rewards can be simply, a baby. I hope these tips help you as you begin this journey to getting pregnant.

Save Money

I wish I could say trying to get pregnant is cheap. If you are thinking about artificial insemination, you need to be prepared for the costs that often come with this infertility method. If you have insurance, you can get all your blood work paid for and sometimes part of the infertility treatments. It just depends on your insurance. Take the time to call ahead and see what your insurance will or will not cover. If your insurance doesn’t cover infertility treatments, it helps to call around and get a ball-park figure so you can began saving. Save, save, save!

Ask Questions

As you begin this process, don’t be afraid to ask tough questions. Although this list is endless, I wanted to offer a few suggestions. Remember, questions about fertility/infertility can be researched online. So, if you don’t get all the answers you need, be willing to research yourself. The more prepared you are, the better off you will be as you walk though the process. Different options of the pills and medicines are available at My Pill App website. The meditation of the person with the pills will be excellent and beneficial for the person. 

How much money will it cost?

Can we afford the artificial insemination?

Have we looked at all our options?

How many infertility specialist are in our area?

How much is the first consultation?

Are we prepared for the ups and downs?

Do we have a support system?

Is there anyone we know who’s gone through this journey?

Ignore Embarrassment

Saying you need help getting pregnant isn’t anything to be embarrassed about. Each of us struggle with different things and for many, infertility is one of those things. Going to an infertility specialist can be a daunting task. Especially, that first day of walking into the office and talking about eggs, sperms, sex, and all the other things that come up in your consultation.

The best tip I can give is to be prepared to talk about everything. If there was ever a time to leave embarrassment at the door, it is now. This goes for the husband and wife because we each have our own embarrasment about the process. Remember why you’re there. Remember what you’re spending all the money on. It will be worth it.

Talk with Your Spouse

Some of the hardest parts of this journey are the woman and man really have to tackle some difficult things alone. Whether it is giving a semen sample or the actual insemination, this journey isn’t easy. Learning to talk about each step can create a foundation for openness within the marriage.

From the second you decide that you want to pursue artificial insemination, don’t be afraid to research together and find answers to all your questions. No matter how much the infertility specialist tells you in your consultation, there are still often many questions left unanswered. Use the Internet to your advantage and seek out answers before you begin. The more prepared you are, the easier the process will be.

Plan Ahead

When the month arrives when your artificial insemination process begins, you need to have a game plan. Let’s face it. Life is busy and when you add in doctor visits, shots, tests — life can become crazy, if not emotional. Take the time to spend as much time as a couple as possible. Dinner at home, date nights, movie nights — do anything that will bring you as a couple together! Don’t worry about all the little things as much as focusing on your marriage, your body, and getting the rest needed through this infertility process.

Be Ready for Emotions

How can one be prepared the emotions that come with artificial insemination? The key is to stay calm throughout the process. Understand that your emotions will go up and down — it’s not an if, but when.

Talk with your spouse about what will happen so you are both prepared. In essence, knowing what will happen before it happens can guarantee success. Success of your marriage, happiness and peace of mind are necessary as you begin to conceive. If you can find ways to deal with the emotions, do so. You won’t regret being prepared.

Often times, your doctor will have you begin taking a fertility drug, such as Clomid. You will begin taking the Clomid at the beginning of your menstrual cycle although your doctor will give you a specific date to begin. The Clomid helps stimulate your ovaries and helps develop several mature eggs for fertilization. Hurray for mature eggs!

This process is worth it! When you think about the chance of having a baby, remember that there are pros and cons to everything. Take the time to think about these pros and cons as these will be different for each couple. No matter how prepared you are, there is no way to be fully prepared with either finding out your pregnant or finding out you aren’t pregnant. Each will be emotional. Be ready by preparing so this journey can be peaceful, stress-free environment for you and your spouse.

How To Add Length To Pre Made Curtains

Custom curtains can be extremely expensive when you are trying to decorate oversized or unusually tall windows in new or old construction. The great thing is you can customize pre made curtains from your local Bed Bath and Beyond or even Target.

This simple trick will give you ideas for creating new length on semi homemade custom curtains on a budget for any overly tall window in your home.

Most pre made curtains at the local sore will come in lengths of 63 inches, 84 inches, and 96 inches. 96 inches is a luxury when you can find it.

One of the easiest ways to add length to any pre made curtain is to add length on to the bottom of the curtain. Simply hang your curtains as normal. Now, use a tape measure to measure how far they are from the ground.

Now, choose an accent fabric that coordinates with the colors in your room or even your curtains. It is never great idea to try to simply match your fabric and add the length, but it does look great to choose a complimentary fabric to add on.

Now, cut the accent fabric out two inches taller then the height needed. You should also cut it out two inches wider than the width of your curtains.

Now, simple fold in all four edges one inch. Iron them down. You can sewn them own or no sew them with yoru iron.

Finally, attach the accent fabric to the bottom of your pre made curtain panels by sewing them to the bottom edge of the curtain. Again you can use no sew or your sewing machine.

It is always a great idea to add this extra accent fabric onto the bottom of your pre made curtains to customize them for a variety of reasons.

First of all, by adding the baric onto the bottom, you can keep the existing rod pockets or tabs at the top of the pre made curtain.

If you wanted to add fabric to the top of the curtain you would have to go through the steps of sewing new tabs or even sewing a new rod pocket for your curtain hardware.

Sewing on an accent fabric at the bottom of your pre made curtain to customize it also allows you a change to ground your curtains and add visual interest at an eye level you can see and enjoy.

Ground your pre made curtain panels by choosing a darker shade for the accent fabric. You can also ground your customized curtain panels by choosing the same color as the curtains, but in a heavier fabric.

For instance, if your curtains are silk, try adding velvet fabric on the bottom. Both are luxurious and pair well together because they compliment each other.

The silk on top is light and the velvet is much heavier, which grounds the entire custom curtain.

Installing A Rain Gutter System In Your House

Buildings or houses with pitched roof have a variety of drainage systems. If a building structure’s overhang is wide enough, water can drain directly to the ground without the use of gutters. Most building structures today, however, have some type of drainage system incorporated into their design. Believe it or not, rain gutters have been around for thousands of years.

If your house doesn’t have rain gutters, you may want to consider the following facts. Gutters are an important component of every house because they serve to channel water away from it, thereby extending the life of its exterior. Without gutters, water is free t run down the roof, back across and under the eaves, and down the sides of the house eventually causing water damage. Furthermore, the runoff from the roof can seep in around windows over time, potentially causing water damage to the interior of a house.

Rain gutter systems are most commonly made from galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, and even plastic. In addition, gutters are available in a wide variety of colors, so painting them is often not necessary. If you decide to install a gutter system yourself, the materials can be purchased in precut lengths from your local hardware store and then trimmed on site to the exact length needed. Down spouts and hangers are readily available, too. Gutters are fairly inexpensive, and for several hundred dollars, you should be able to install a complete system.

When installing the gutters, you should make sure that they are hung properly. The front edge should be about one-half inch below the back edge, there should not be any low areas that can collect water, and all of the joints should be sealed properly to ensure that the water flows through the gutters and to the down sprouts rather than dripping through the joints. Finally, if the gutters have a cover screen or similar device used to keep them free of debris, be sure to check them periodically to ensure that they do not become clogged with leaves that would result in water flowing over them and thereby rendering the gutters useless.

You can also hire a professional to install a complete rain-gutter system. Even though the initial cost is more than if you did the work yourself, to me it is well worth it. By having a professional install the gutters, you can usually depend on them to be hung properly with everything functioning as designed. Most companies have a supply of material on their truck that is measured and custom fit to the exact specifications of your house.

Gutters are relatively inexpensive to install, serve a very important purpose, and will enhance the appearance of most any home by providing a clean and finished look to the eaves and corners of the house.

How Vacations That Honor Death In History Can Be Worth Doing

Death surrounds us. Just as people are born every day, people die every day. We find their names in the obituary articles. We see the funeral procession on its way to the graveyard. On gravestones, the faces of death either kindly or horrific gaze down upon us. In museums, we find the bones of the dead. At Halloween we worry about the dead coming back to life and haunting us. Whether our fascination is because the idea of ending makes us sad, or the idea of burial reminds us of smelly decay or just because of the fear of the unknown doesn’t really matter. We like to pay attention to death.
What Are the Most Common Symbols of Death?

According to J.C. Cooper, the most common symbols of death include the skeleton with scythe, sword, sickle and or hourglass, the veil, serpent, lion, scorpion, ashes and drummer. In Hinduism, a beautiful dancer often symbolizes Siva the God of Death and dance.

Find Death and Symbols of Death on Gravestones in Europe

Some of the most interesting symbols of death are found on gravestones in Europe where the Black Death hit hardest. In St. Stephen’s in Vienna, Austria, a tour will take you into the catacombs below where the bones of the dead were crammed into niches during the Black Death and it is unlikely that anyone knows who they all belong to. In Salzburg, I found a little church inset into a wall of rock and a carving of death climbing out of a gravestone. Many churches have monuments to dead persons featuring lifelike statues of the deceased. England’s Canterbury Cathedral has the largest collection of famous burials I have seen. 

Visit the Remains of the Nazi Concentration Camps from the Holocaust

A visit to any of the Nazi Concentration camps in Europe will educate anyone about the massive destruction of World War II. I visited Dachau outside of Munich and found remains of ovens, prison camp buildings and a museum exhibit with photographs of what Allied Forces found at the camp when they freed it including pictures of the remaining survivors and pictures of the dead. To forget is to allow the same mistake to happen again. Others to visit include Auschwitz near Krakow, Poland, Buchenwald, near Weimar, Germany.

Find Dried Animal Remains and Fossils in Museums

I guess I am odd, but when I’ve come upon the remains of an animal that has died, it is hard not to look and see how the bones and skin and tendons fit together. In the Serengeti National Park, animals that die of natural causes or are eaten by predators leave bones lying on the plain. Once on a farm in New Zealand I came upon a pile of dried hide and bones where a dead steer had been left to perish. On the shores of the Harrison River in winter, eagles leave the carcasses of salmon picked clean on the shore. At the John Day Fossil Beds State Park, Oregon, there is a hike into a chalky pit with the remains of fossilized creatures set out for easy viewing including the tooth of a saber-toothed lion. On an archaeological research group in Turkey, I got to see the remains of a farmhouse and funeral memorial.

Find Information About Mortuary Processes in Books

To get a good idea about how the study of forensics has progressed in the past decades, “Body in Question” provides basic facts and pictures explaining decay processes and evidence that police use to determine cause and time of death.

Celebrate Death during Dia de los Muertos on All Saint’s Day in Mexico or Puerto Rico

When the Conquistador’s arrived in Mexico, the native population was practicing an Aztec ritual that celebrated their deceased loved ones. The Spaniard’s tried to eliminate the practice, but the best they accomplished was to move it to All Saint’s Day (November 1 and 2) to make it more Christian. Expect decorations and celebrations around the country. This is very similar to the United States celebration of Halloween but different.

Find Death Processes at Work in Your Garden or Forest

One of the most fascinating trips I took was on a hike into Seattle’s water control district’s Cedar River Watershed where we were introduced to the huge variety of mushrooms that grow in the region. We spent four hours on a bus, walking and picking mushrooms, and many more trying to identify them in a guide. I found at least a dozen varieties. Mushrooms are one of the most visible reminders of the decay processes that transform dead items into new life. Also look for ants, termites, nematodes, and earthworms, they help process and consume items.

How to Upgrade Your Computer Cost-Effectively – Buy PC Parts Online (Gamers)

Computers these days are always being replaced by newer and faster computer components. It’s a fact that new versions and new models of processors graphics cards and memory for PCs are released within weeks. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate if you want to keep up with the flow you’ll have to know how to budget your spending while getting a top-of-the-line PC gear. This is mostly important for gamers and people who work in graphic modeling industry.

Spending your hard-earned dollar at retail stores is not recommended. It’s best if you can research the best prices available in electronic online and buy these products online. The shipping industry is very advanced so no worry about the wait times it takes to receive your precious new electronics. When hot new video game titles are released most gamers are going to be eager to play the new games. But the biggest problem is that the gamers PC doesn’t have what it takes in terms of hardware to play the game seamlessly and lag free while getting the right graphically rendered visuals. 

When new video games are released chances are they’re going to use the newer graphics technology available on the market which means it’s time to upgrade your PC. What was top-of-the-line a year ago is now electrically outdated. The best website to start with in your quest of finding the most reasonably priced electronic computer equipment would be Upon visiting the website’s home page you can easily navigate what electronic equipment you’re looking for.

To continue with this example go ahead and click on video cards under the cards category. Video cards are by far the most demanding PC equipment. Gamers constantly upgrade their video cards so that they can keep up with new games based off of new graphics technology. In regards to video cards the two top competing companies would be ATI and NVIDIA. Go and take a look at the category ATI Radeon HD series. As of July 21 the newest video card is $205.99 which is a Radeon HD 4890. Price watch is pretty good at maintaining the latest video technology available for sale. And by all means $205.99 is a great price for the latest ATI video card available. It seems that technology even years ago couldn’t compete with these low prices.

Go ahead and click on the radeon hd 4890. Pricewatch should then take you to a page where this specific model of video card is listed for sale by many different retailers in the United States and around the world. Immediately there are results from,, and which all show competitive prices from $199.17 to $$249.00 just from the first page. Feel free to compare these price results with other video card models to get the best for your money.

How To Start A Small Business

More about the business plan

If you are like me and you want to start up your own business, and you want to write up a good business plan, you get a brain freeze. You might not know how to start or what you need to say in your business plan. First you need to have an idea what your business is going to be about, so you have an idea of its concept. You have to have a basic idea of what you want to do and how you want to do it.

You need to gather information about your business concept and find out if your business is even going to be feasible. Is there going to be a market for what you want to do for a living. A good thing to do is do some Internet searches on businesses similar to the one you want to start. You might even contact these businesses and ask what their mission is and how much they charge for their service.

Your business plan should be a sort of outline that describes what you want to do, where you want to do it, and how you plan to do it, and why you want to do it. You must be able to fill some kind of need that a consumer will relate to and want to engage with your business. A good way to know if your business will be viable is to have some knowledge before you ever start up on your own. Many folks, including myself have worked in industries that could very well be viable as a small business. For a long time when I was nursing I wanted to have my own nursing agency, where I would have RN’s and LPN’s on staff as independent contractors. I worked a full time job, and on the side I worked as an independent contractor for a couple of nursing agencies. And now that I am retired I write for part of my living for a ghostwriting company. Both industries nursing and ghostwriting are viable industries. It is up to us who want to start up a small business to do all of our homework, and have a plan in place to make our vision a reality.

Test your business before you go commercial

Before you invest a lot of money into your business, you might want to test your plan before you start up commercially. If you want to start a commercial cleaning business, you might want to start up first with a few houses. Maybe start up with one house to clean, and let word of mouth find you that next job. If you are cleaning houses and doing a great job, people will talk and refer you. By the time you have all the houses you can reasonably handle, you know your business is going to be a success. Now is the time to go commercial. Get that business started for real, and if you need to add on people to help you, you can work and manage others. Eventually, you may be able to manage your business and have employees working under you.

In the beginning, you may want to have a mentor to guide you along the process of building your new business. It’s good to connect with people who have many of the skills you already have in your business, plus skills that you need. If your business is ready to expand, look for people that will bring something to your business. Bring in people that know more than you do about the business; this will help you when you are just beginning, because you could be just floundering like a fish out of water without someone that is more seasoned in some areas. You may have your strong points, but others may have strong points that you don’t have.

A word about money

Many of us don’t have a degree in accounting. We have to be able to keep up with our cash flow. It might be good to take a course in accounting before you actually start a business, or hire someone who does have a background in accounting. There is good accounting software, but you still need to know how to manage your company’s money.

Use the Internet

The Internet is a great way to get your business started. You can get some great websites designed for you, or you can design them yourself. Take out an ad in your local paper and tell the general public who you are, your company’s name and what you have to offer. Give the web address of your company, and before long you will be getting hits to beat the band if all is going well. You might also want to put some ads in other papers and magazines from all around the state you live in, and keep branching out as your business grows. The Internet can bring in so much business, and then you can confirm orders, or set up appointments from there. Whether you are selling a service, or selling a product you have a great future ahead of you if you plan carefully and know your market.